5 Stunning betrayals that WWE may have planned for Money in the Bank 2020

WWE has been putting their best foot forward, trying to put on the best shows during a time of a global pandemic and they’ve met with mixed success thus far. On some fronts, they’ve delivered and actually made us excited about Money in the Bank, but truth be told, these are also the times when WWE has seen some of the lowest viewership numbers in the history of the company.
But everything could change at Money in the Bank because WWE could load up the show with several surprises. These 5 betrayals could go a long way when it comes to making WWE must-watch once again.
5. Tucker costs Otis the WWE Money in the Bank contract
As it happens ever so often, when one member of a group becomes far too popular, the other WWE Superstar in the group may end up feeling a little overlooked and this may, in turn, cause him or her to turn heel. We saw this with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, both of whom used to be the best of friends, but it was clear at one point who the Shawn of the group was and who the Marty was.
Similarly, Tucky may feel that he is getting overlooked by Otis, who is incredibly popular at the moment and may turn on the man who has been his best friend in WWE from the very beginning of his run, I guess.
4. Seth Rollins is betrayed by Murphy
I don’t see Seth Rollins becoming the WWE Champion at Money in the Bank because Drew McIntyre has far too much momentum at the moment. So, where does Seth Rollins go from there if you take him out of the WWE Championship picture, you ask?
I think that Murphy vs. Seth Rollins could be a great feud, and it could happen with Murphy wanting to make a name for himself at his cult leader’s expense, now that his eyes are opened.
I think that Seth Rollins and Murphy could light up WWE with a series of matches that are at par with anything that the two men have done in the past. They have history and therefore, there is a reason for the WWE Universe to invest in their story.
And so, when Seth Rollins is on the verge of picking up a big win, Murphy could distract him and allow Drew McIntyre to retain his WWE Championship at Money in the Bank, in the ultimate act of betrayal.
3. Drew Gulak betrays Daniel Bryan
Everyone in the WWE Universe loves the tag team unit comprising of Drew Gulak and Daniel Bryan not only because of how goofy they can be but also how technically proficient they are. Well, that also leads one to believe that if they are given the chance by WWE to tell a story, they can tell a fantastic story working against each other.
Gulak has a tonne of potential but he could reach the next level by working with Daniel Bryan, putting on some of the best matches that WWE has seen. You could always counter by saying that they could be an invaluable asset to the tag team division going forward, but WWE has a wealth of talent, at least on the SmackDown side at this moment.
So, when Daniel Bryan is on the verge of grabbing the WWE Money in the Bank contract, Gulak could show up out of nowhere and cost him his big opportunity.
2. Sasha Banks betrays Bayley
You don’t necessarily have to be a genius to see where the feud between Sasha Banks and Bayley is headed, oh dear member of the WWE Universe. Anyone who has followed WWE for any length of time can see that the company sees value in a program between Sasha Banks and Bayley and they want the two to clash after Money in the Bank. WWE has been leading to the clash in a big way with Bayley taking Sasha Banks’ friendship for granted, throwing her under the bus on more than one occasion.
Some of you may remember how these two women, alongside Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair (The Four Horsewomen of WWE) put women’s wrestling on the map during their time in NXT with a host of exceptional matches. While both Banks and Bayley have had phenomenal WWE careers since then, neither has really managed to recreate the magic of their NXT feud.
1. Lacey Evans betrays Tamina by cashing in on her
Not all betrayals need to be personal as I have described in the rest of the slides. WWE could book this one betrayal to just be a professional twist, where Lacey Evans goes on to win the Money in the Bank ladder match and shortly after Bayley is defeated by Tamina, she could cash in on the woman she has been teaming with and become all chummy on social media with.
WWE may not necessarily want Tamina Snuka to be the face of the SmackDown Women’s Division for very long because she’s not been presented as a top star until now, and this is why I can totally imagine Lacey Evans getting her moment shortly after Tamina defeats Bayley if that is the plan.And Evans could also make it look like she’s come to celebrate the win of her best friend and then stab her in the back as so many WWE Superstars have done in the past.

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