3 WWE stars who could dethrone Drew McIntyre 

The prestigious WWE Championship rests on the massive shoulders of the Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre, who has had a breakout year in WWE amid unprecedented times. The resident powerhouse took the championship off Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 and has proudly defended it against all-comers ever since. Andrade, Angel Garza, Big Show and Seth Rollins all fell victim to McIntyre’s fury.

The Dominator, Bobby Lashley, is next to step up to the challenge when he squares off with McIntyre at Backlash.

McIntyre is running roughshod through the entire roster and has been dominant across both RAW and SmackDown. Many expect him to have a considerably lengthy reign as WWE Champion because of this dominance. Even though he has shined brightly under the spot-light, he can’t remain WWE Champion forever.

Having said that, there’s a plethora of talent on the WWE roster that could stun McIntyre. This list will look at three such fiery Superstars who could very well be the next WWE Champion.

#3. Bobby Lashley

After cutting off all ties with Lana and aligning himself with MVP, Bobby Lashley has tapped into a vicious and vile side of him that paralyzes his opposition with fear. R-Truth and Humberto Carillo have been inhumanely demolished by Lashley on numerous occasions. Now, as mentioned before, he has set his sights on the WWE Championship and McIntyre has a tall task ahead of him at Backlash.
MVP has lit a fire inside of Lashley that we haven’t seen in an extremely long time, and it’d be a colossal mistake to watch all of that be crushed so soon. WWE has done a decent job of building Lashley up as a ruthless and diabolical monster in the post-Mania season.
Lashley has never won the WWE Champonship. With MVP by his side and a revamped character, his chances of reaching the top of the WWE hierarchy are sky-high. Could Backlash be the night where he finally grabs the brass ring?

#2. Jinder Mahal

The Modern-Day Maharaja has a rich history with the reigning WWE Champion. They were both a part of 3MB with Heath Slater; they were released in June 2014, and both made a name for themselves outside of WWE. They also both won the WWE Championship in their second run. Not to forget, these two are close friends off-screen, too.
Recently, Mahal returned from a long lay-off owing to a knee injury. Upon his return, he has steadily gained momentum, defeating the likes of Akira Tozawa in convincing fashion. Quite reminiscent of his booking, WWE management seems to be high on him once again.
WWE is touting McIntyre versus Mahal as a “dream match.” An encounter between the two would be a must-watch, but it wouldn’t be wise to bet against Mahal. Although he still has to redeem himself, Mahal could very well be the one to take the WWE Championship off McIntyre.

#1. Samoa Joe

The Samoan Submission Machine has battled and defeated the cream of the crop. A bonafide star outside of WWE, but he has been unable to click on the main roster. Injuries have plagued his path to success and questionable booking decisions have curtailed his momentum. Samoa Joe fell with injury back in February and has remained out of action ever since. He did return to the commentary table a few weeks ago which may herald an in-ring return in the short-term.
Despite his incredible prowess and undeniable charisma, Joe hasn’t won a World Championship on the main roster. That could, however, change once he is fit to return to in-ring action. McIntyre needs credible challengers that could take him to the limit, Joe ticks all the boxes.
McIntyre versus Joe could be the catalyst for a change in fortunes for Joe. Fans would love to watch a meticulous and diligent entertainer like Joe become the next WWE Champion.

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