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This week, the empty arena era of NXT marches onward as two matches have been announced for NXT television tonight.

First on the docket, NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair makes her NXT in-ring return when she takes on Mia Yim. Flair has singled-out Yim for one-on-one action, but her attitude towards Yim last week seemed to indicate that she is already seeing through her. Will Charlotte go through her, or will the HBIC get a win on NXT?

In the other match announced for tonight, NXT North American Champion Keith Lee will defend his championship against Damian Priest. Priest, Lee, and Dijakovic have been locked in a heated rivalry for months, but Priest has never received his one-on-one title shot. After his sneak attack on Lee last week, Lee is definitely looking to get some payback and lay out the Archer of Infamy.

While no matches for the Interim Cruiserweight Champion Tournament have been announced, we will likely see at least one match on the card tonight. As every competitor has now had at least one match, who will gain momentum going into the second round of matches?

Also, while Dexter Lumis, Velveteen Dream, and Undisputed Era are not on the card, Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Roderick Strong are likely furious at Lumis and Dream for getting one over on the Era in last week’s main event. Will Lumis or Dream face any backlash tonight? We will have to wait and see.

Check back with us throughout the night as we deliver NXT results in real time, and we will begin when NXT goes live at 8:00 PM EST!

Opening Segment

We see results from the Cruiserweight Championship tournament. Also, we get a reminder of the two matches announced for tonight.

Tom Phillips introduces Mauro Ranallo and Beth Phoenix to call the action tonight, and we are starting with Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament action.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. El Hijo del Fantasma

Scott and Fantasma lock up. Fantasma goes for an early cover and gets a close two count. Fantasma hits a takedown and goes for a cover again, but Scott kicks out at one. Scott is clearly frustrated.

Scott and Fantasma trade moves, but Scott drops Fantasma with a dropkick and sends him out of the ring. Scott goes to the apron and goes for a PK. Fantasma moves, but Scott flips off the apron and onto the floor. Fantasma hits Scott with a step-up enziguri.

Fantasma puts Scott back into the ring and chops away at Scott. Fantasma runs at Scott but Scott lifts him and crotches him on the top rope, then hits a frankensteiner on Fantasma from the middle rope, taking Fantasma down and pinning him for two.

Scott mounts Fantasma and punches Fantasma in the face and midsection. Scott goes for a full nelson, but Fantasma breaks it. Fantasma hits a hurricanrana on Scott, sending him out of the ring. Fantasma gives chase to Scott, but Scott evades, gets to the apron, and nails Fantasma with a PK from the apron as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Scott has control of Fantasma’s head under Scott’s own right leg. Fantasma gets to his feet and tosses Scott over his head, onto the apron. Scott goes to the top rope and hits a sunset flip on Fantasma. Fantasma rolls through and hits Scott with a dropkick.

Fantasma runs at Scott and hits Scott with knees to the face. Fantasma hits Scott with a frankensteiner from the top rope, then goes up top himself and hits a frogsplash for two.

Fantasma and Scott trade chops, but Scott is able to catch Fantasma with a kick, dropping him with a jab to the face. Scott hits a German suplex on Fantasma, but Fantasma rolls out of the ring before Scott can cover. Scott goes to dive onto Fantasma, but Fantasma gets back in the ring, who then hits a tope onto Scott.

Back in the ring, Fantasma goes for the Phantom drive, but Scott avoids and rolls up Fantasma into a crucifix pin, covering Fantasma for the three count.

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Scott gives an interview after his match, and says that he needs the win more than anyone. He says that he has one more to go, and it will be “Swerve’s House.”

Tonight, Adam Cole is here to address the proposed title match between himself and Velveteen Dream following Cole’s pinfall loss to Dream last week, but Candice LeRae is up next, and she is ready to do things “The Johnny Gargano Way,” after this commercial break.

Back from commercial break, and Dominik Dijakovic gives an interview about his thoughts on Johnny Gargano. Dijakovic says that Gargano doesn’t respect anyone, so he challenges Gargano to a match for next week’s NXT.

Tom Phillips throws to a video from commercial break where El Hijo del Fantasma was ambushed again by masked men trying to kidnap him, but this time it happened in the arena. Fantasma once again fought them off.

Candice LeRae (w/Johnny Gargano) vs. Kacy Catanzaro

Gargano is on the mic and hypes up his wife while she comes down to the ring. LeRae now goes by “Poison Pixie,” as a nickname, and Gargano is absolutely playing up the smarmy heel act while wearing a sleek new white jacket.

LeRae has the strength advantage on Kacy at the start of the match. LeRae challenges Kacy to a test of strength that she wins, but Kacy is able to take Candice Down with a hurricanrana.

Kacy hits a senton onto LeRae and covers her fro two, then goes for a standing splash on LeRae, but Candice gets her knees up and covers Kacy for two. LeRae locks in a facelock on Kacy, but Kacy fights to her feet. LeRae covers Kacy for two again.

Candice locks in a chinlock on Kacy, but Kacy again gets to her feet. LeRae hits a wheelbarrow slam on Kacy. LeRae looks at her husband and tries to go for the Gargano Escape, but Kacy reverses and rolls into a pinfall attempt for two.

LeRae is furious and she punishes Kacy with punches and strikes, then stomps Kacy’s face down with a new finishing move called The Wicked Stepsister, then covers Kacy for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Candice LeRae

After the match, Johnny and Candice were going back up the ramp, but Candice gets back in the ring and locks in the Gargano Escape on Kacy Catanzaro. Kacy taps out but Candice doesn’t break the lock. Johnny and Candice are very pleased with themselves as they eventually decide to retreat backstage.

Damian Priest cuts a promo backstage about how he is going to finish what he started weeks ago, since Lee is in pain after what happened last week when Priest hit him with the nightstick. Mauro tells us that the NXT North American Championship match will be tonight’s main event, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher come out to the ring, with both men being announced as the NXT Tag Team Champions, but Riddle is wearing both belts.

Riddle says that he and Timothy are just as much of a tag team as he and Pete were. Matt Riddle says that tonight they are going to prove that they know each other with the first-ever episode of “The Newly-Bros Show,” with Byron Saxton as host.

Byron acts an over-the-top host in this “Newlywed Game” style show. Byron will ask them questions, one will answer on the whiteboard and the other will answer verbally. Saxton asked Riddle what he had for breakfast. Thatcher says he has no idea, and Riddle also says that he had no idea what he had for breakfast.

Byron moves on to the next question. Byron asks Thatcher what his favorite television show is, and Thatcher says that he doesn’t own a television. Byron asks if he has ever thought about buying one, and Thatcher says that he would consider it if the price is right. Riddle wrote “The Price is Right,” on his board.

For the next question, Saxton asks Thatcher what the craziest place is that he has ever “done it.” Thatcher says that he was in the ring, but he once had a triple threat in a laundromat. Riddle wrote “3Sum in a Washer.”

Saxton announces a “Speed Round,” but before they can continue, Imperium’s Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner attack Riddle and Thatcher from behind. They eliminate Riddle and Thatcher is able to fight them off one at a time, but the numbers eventually become too much for him.

They get Thatcher in the ring and hit European Bomb combo on Thatcher. Aichner goes out of the ring and grabs the belts. He and Barthel hold them above a grounded Thatcher, before dropping them on his prone body.

Mia Yim is shown backstage getting ready for her match with Charlotte Flair for later tonight, and we go to commercial break after that.

Back from commercial, and we get an advertisement for the WWE’s partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Adam Cole cuts a promo backstage where he reasserts that Dream does not deserve an NXT Championship match, but he will walk in and walk out as NXT Champion. He says that the Dream is over and there is nothing that the Dream can do about it. Next week, NXT Champion Adam Cole will defend his championship against Velveteen Dream on NXT television.

Mia Yim vs. NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair (Non-Title Match)

Charlotte and Yim eye each other from across the ring, then lock up. Charlotte backs Yim into the corner, then locks Yim in a headlock. Charlotte hits Yim with a knee strike and a few chops, sending Yim to the mat. Charlotte rolls up Yim for a two count.

Yim dodges a Big Boot from Charlotte, then grounds her with a series of kicks. Yim follows it up with a cannonball senton and a tornado DDT, covering Charlotte for two. Charlotte returns with an elbow to Yim.

Charlotte goes outside the ring to give chase to Yim. Yim stays in the ring and goes for a dive through the ropes onto Charlotte, but Charlotte catches Yim with a strike to the face, dropping her and keeping her in the ring, and we go to another commercial break.

Back from commercial and Charlotte tosses Mia Yim out of the ring. Yim gets back in the ring and Charlotte stomps away at Yim. Charlotte hits Yim with some chops, then pushes her boot into Yim’s face in the corner. Charlotte tosses Yim into ropes and goes for a back body drop, but Yim lands on her feet.

Yim gets a Tarantula Hold on Charlotte on the ropes. Yim goes to capitalize, but Charlotte grabs and handfull of hair and gets the upper hand. Flair trash talks Yim while Yim is grounded, then taunts and teases her. Charlotte gets Yim to her feet and Yim fights back, hitting Sole Food.

Charlotte is still standing and goes to the corner. Yim gives chase, but Charlotte sends Yim face first into the middles turnbuckle. Charlotte goes to the middle rope and goes for a moonsault, but Yim pulls her down and hits Code Blue for a two count. Yim runs the ropes and Charlotte catches her, locking in a Boston Crab. Yim reverses into a two count. Charlotte and Yim immediately get up, but Charlotte catches Yim with a Big Boot, covering her for two.

Charlotte sets up for the Figure Four, but Yim reverses into a cover for two. Yim went for Protect Ya Neck, but Charlotte reverses into a Figure Eight. Mia Yim taps out.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

AS Charlotte celebrates and poses outside the ring, Io Shirai comes down to face Charlotte. Io shouts at Charlotte and Charlotte starts to walk away. Shirai stops her and says, “Next week, you are mine.” Mauro Ranallo seems to confirm that Charlotte will defend her championship against Yim next week.

We get a video package hyping up the debut of Karrion Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux, also for next week.

Back from commercial and Kacy Catanzaro is shown being attended to by medical staff. Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano walk by with Candice saying that this is the new NXT and, “Get used to it.”

We see a video package from last week when Finn Balor was attacked and vanished from the NXT facility. Tom Phillips tells us that Finn Balor will be on NXT next week and will address the party who attacked him.

Dexter Lumis vs. Shane Thorne

Lumis and Thorne stare at each other, but Lumis looks unimpressed. Lumis hits a Thesz Press on Throne, then a uppercut on Thorne. Lumis pins Throne in the corner, but the ref forces separation. Thorne gets to the middle roipe and goes for a tornado DDT, but Lumis tosses Thorne off.

Lumis picks up Thorne, but Thorne rakes the eyes of Lumis, then hits him with a series of uppercuts. Lumis grabs Thorne’s neck, but Thorne gets separation with a series of dropkicks. Thorne waits for Lumis to get back to his feet and runs at Lumis, but Lumis hits a spinebuster on Thorne.

Lumis stalks Thorne and picks him up by the ears. Lumis hits a Ura Nage then locks in a Kata Gatame submission. Thorne passes out, and the referee calls for a submission victory for Lumis.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

Lumis oddly cradles Throne’s head in his lap following the bell and he stares into the distance.

We see a Twitter post from Jordan Devlin calling out people fighting for their professional careers in this tournament.

We see a video of Jake Atlas trying to give some words of encouragement to Drake Maverick after their match last week once NXT had gone off the air. Drake Maverick is then shown sitting backstage ahead of his upcoming match in the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament. Maverick is in action up next, after this commercial break.

Back from commercial and Keith Lee is shown backstage. Lee says that his larynx is bruised after Priest took his best shot. Lee says that the beating he will give Priest tonight will allow Priest to live in infamy.

Tony Nese vs. Drake Maverick

Maverick and Nese lock up immediately and Nese clearly has the strength advantage. Maverick tries to use his speed, but Nese strikes Maverick hard with a strike to the jaw. Nese tells him that “You’ll have to do better than that.”

Maverick runs at Nese and Nese beats down Maverick in a brutal fashion until the ref forces him to back away from the corner. Nese kicks Maverick in the back and Nese stands above him, stalking him. Nese picks up Maverick and strikes at him in the upper back.

Nese hits Maverick with a scoop slam, then kicks away at his face. Nese picks up Maverick and Maverick starts to fight back, but Nese hits Maverick in the throat. Nese drops Maverick throat-first into the top rope as Nese goes out of the ring and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Nese has Maverick in a headlock on the mat. Maverick gets to his feet but Nese hits a snapmare and kicks Maverick in the back again. Nese grabs a handful of hair, then taunts Maverick before slapping him the face.

Nese picks up Maverick and tries to punish him in the corner, but Maverick is furio and takes off his wristbands. Maverick mauls Nese in the corner, finishing with a dropkick into the corner. Nese picks Maverick up and places him on the middle rope. Maverick hits a missile dropkick on Nese.

Maverick goes for a corner cutter on Nese, but Nese blocks and hits a German suplex on Maverick, sending the back of Maverick’s head and neck into the bottom turnbuckle. Nese pulls down his kneepad and goes for the Running Nese, but Maverick dodges and hits the corner cutter for two.

Maverick goes to the top rope and goes for an elbow drop, but Nese rolls out of the way. Nese gets to his feet and goes to the top turnbuckle and sets up for the 450. Maverick crotches Nese and hits a wheelbarrow bulldog on Nese from the top rope, covering Nese for the victory.

Winner: Drake Maverick

After his victory, Maverick is elated because he won. He says that he isn’t leaving yet, and Kushida is next. He said that he isn’t leaving until he is NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

Up next, Keith Lee will defend his NXT North American Championship against Damian Priest. We see a video package hyping up the match between Lee and Priest, including Priest’s surprise attack on Lee with the nightstick. Then, we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and we see that Johnny Gargano vs Dominik Dijakovic has been confirmed for next week, as has Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream for the NXT Championship.

NXT North American Champion Keith Lee vs. Damian Priest for the NXT North American Championship

Priest kicks away at Lee, but Lee is not moved. Lee uses his speed to hit a crossbody on Priest. Priest stuns Lee momentarily with an elbow, but Lee gets back in control, sending Priest over the top rope with a clothesline.

Priest tires to escape over the barricade, but Lee grabs him and pulls him back. Priest tries to fight Lee off, but Lee won’t have it. Priest tries to run away, but Lee moves the barricde and picks up Damian Priest in a military press, tossing him into the ring apron.

Priest tries to smash Lee’s face into the steel steps, but Lee blocks it and strikes Priest. Priest moves to the barricade again and Lee goes to tackle Priest, but Priest moves out of the way and sends Lee crashing through the barricade as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Lee and Priest are back in the ring. Priest is striking away at Lee’s upper back. Priest runs at Lee in the corner, then goes for a suplex on Lee. Lee is too heavy for Priest and Priest is able to get the advantage. He goes for a suplex on Priest, but Priest lands on his feet and hits a neckbreker on Lee.

Preist goes for a suplex again on Lee, but Lee forces Priest’s hands off of him. Priest kicks Lee away, but Lee hits Priest with a pounce as both men collapse to the mat. Lee hits Priest with a series of strikes, then a one-handed powerbomb on Priest.

Priest goes out of the ring, but Lee hits a corkscrew dive onto Priest on the outside. Lee rolls Priest back into the ring and covers him for a two. Lee runs the ropes and hits a lariat on Damian Priest, covering him for two again. Priest tries to get back to his feet. Lee picks up Priest for the Spirit Bomb, but Priest dodges and gets to his feet.

Priest grabs Lee’s throat, but Lee goes for Priest’s throat instead. Priest hits Lee with a series of kicks, then grabs his throat again. Priest goes for a suplex again, but this time he gets Lee off his feet and hits a Broken Arrow on Lee, but both men fall to the mat.

Lee gets out of the ring and Priest stands in the ring, watching Lee. Priest hits a dive onto Lee over the top rope, sending Lee into the barricade. Priest grabs Lee and rolls him back in the ring then gets to the top turnbuckle and hits a spinning back heel kick onto Lee from the top rope, covering him for two.

Priest stalks a downed Lee, signaling for a chokeslam. Lee gets to his feet and hits Priest with a headbutt. Priest goes to the apron, kicks Lee, and goes to the top rope. Lee hits Priest down to the apron. Lee goes to the middle rope and picks up Priest, hitting a suplexplex on Priest. An exhausted Lee lays an arm across the chest of Priest, and Priest kicks out at two.

Back on their feet, Damian Priest hits a chokeslam on Lee for a two count. Priest goes out of the ring and grabs both the title and the nightstick. The referee is distracted by the title, taking it out of the ring, and Priest tires to hit Lee with the nightstick. Lee blocks the nightstick strike and hits a double chop on Priest’s chest. Lee hits two Spirit Bombs on Damian Priest, covering him for three.

Winner: Keith Lee

Lee poses with his NXT North American Championship in the middle of the ring as NXT goes off the air.

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