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Last night was WWE Elimination Chamber, and the main event saw Shayna Baszler rip through every female in the match to cement her spot against Becky Lynch at WrestleMania. The match was sort of an odd one, with long breaks between action that were seemingly to build tension and heat for Shayna but the fans got bored. And while Baszler looked dominant, a faster, more aggressive finale with Asuka would have been more exciting. And a nice, succinct promo to end the show would have been a good exclamation point. That said, tonight she and Becky can really begin their feud.

And speaking of feuds, Edge returns to Raw tonight to come for Randy Orton. Last week Orton attacked Edge’s wife, so it’s fair to say the Rated R Superstar will be out for blood. This should be a blistering segment that fuels this red hot feud, and I can’t wait.

Elsewhere tonight, Drew McIntyre will be in action in a bid to stay sharp ahead of WrestleMania, AJ Styles will respond to the attack he suffered at the hands of The Undertaker, and so much more. This is the most exciting time of year in WWE, and you can read all the live results right here. Enjoy the show!


Monday Night RAW kicks off with a camera in the parking lot, awaiting the arrival of Hall of Famer, Edge.

The Man, Becky Lynch comes to the ring. She says the time for joking is over, no more treading water, she knows who her WrestleMania opponent is: Shayna Baszler. Lynch points us to the Titantron and we see some highlights of Baszler’s dominant performance inside Elimination Chamber. We also see a promo she cut after the show was over, in which she said she was going to take the title and called Becky a “bitch”.

Lynch is laughing when the video ends. She says Shayna tore through the entire Chamber last night, including the woman it took her a year to beat. Baszler was a top ten MMA fighter for a decade, but more than anything she’s a “personality black hole”. Becky says she might be a bitch but she’s the bitch that runs the division.

Lynch says that she always thought of Baszler as the robot in NXT, but then she refused to shake her hand after WrestleMania last year. And that was because she beat Shayna’s best friend, Rhonda Rousey. And Shayna has been on a mission to get revenge. Here’s the thing: normal people like her don’t beat trained killers. But she does. And she will again. She says Baszler is underestimating her and she’ll make her pay for it.

Later tonight, Drew McIntyre will be in action, but up next Rey Mysterio takes on Angel Garza.

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The bell rings and Rey runs at Garza and gets him in a headlock. Garza shoots Rey off but Mysterio hits a headscissors that sends Angel into the buckles. Rey attempts a hurricanrana but Garza stays on his feet, lifts Rey up and throws him. Garza connects with a kick, then grabs the back but Rey elbows away.

Rey runs to the corner and looks to flip over Garza but gets kicked in the face in mid-air. Garza hit Rey with a running dropkick that sends him from the ring. Garza rips off his pants as Vega poses on the apron.

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We’re back live and Garza throws Rey into the air and delivers a kick to the chest. Angel puts Rey on the middle rope and signals for a 619 but Rey intercepts him with a dropkick. Rey throws some punches, then gets Garza out of the ring and hits a sliding splash to the oustide!

Mysterio gets Garza back in the ring and hits a seated senton, followed by an enziugiri for a two-count. Rey springboards at Garza but gets caugt and hit with a reverse suplex for a near-fall. Rey hurricanrana’s Garza onto the middle rope and looks for the 619 but Garza ducks it and connects with a superkick.

Garza lifts Rey, looking for the Wing Clipper, but Rey backs up to the corner. They brawl on the top rope until Garza falls, and Rey jumps for a Destroyer but Garza catches him. Rey hurricanrana’s Garza onto the middle rope and hits the 619 and a springboard elbow drop for the win!


We see a clip from earlier today of Kevin Owens arriving at the building, when he’s met by AOP, Murphy, and Seth Rollins, who is eating popcorn. Owens throws his suitcase in the face of Rezar but quickly gets beaten down by all three of them as Seth eats popcorn. They throw him into production boxes, cooling racks, and more before officials come to check on him.

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We see a video of Rhea Ripley visiting Raymond James Stadium, where WrestleMania will be in less than a month.

Charlotte Flair makes her way out and does the obligatory point to the WrestleMania sign. Flair asks if we saw that video? Well meet Rhea Ripley, the next big thing. She sarcastically says that video was inspiring. But she’s confused, Rhea said you have to beat the best to be the best, but Ripley doesn’t want to be like her. But she can’t be like her anyway, because there’s only one of her.

So she can continue being the shiny new toy and enjoying the hype. And the reason she’s fighting for the NXT Championship is to give a reminder to Rhea Ripley. She says it’s one thing to stand in an empty stadium and talk about your hopes and dreams, but it’s something else entirely to be in there with 90,000 people and be humbled.

The NXT Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley, makes her entrance. Ripley stands in the ring with Charlotte and we get a light “Rhea0 chant.” Flair cuts her off before she can speak and says we’ve heard enough of her, and this isn’t NXT, this is Monday Night Raw, her kingdom. She excuses Ripley, who instead punches her in the face.

We see Randy Orton in a smoky room backstage, just standing around.

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The bell rings and Lashley drops Ryder with a shoulder, then puts him in the corner and stomps a mudhole in him. Lashley hits a running shoulder tackle, then slams him into the buckles. The fans chant for Lana, who isn’t there because she’s off filming a movie.

Ryder hits Lashley with knees, then dives from the middle rope for a dropkick but Lashley sidesteps it. Lashley hits a one-handed spinebuster, followed by a roll-out Dominator for the win.


We see a replay of last week’s RAW, when Drew McIntyre attacked Brock Lesnar and left him lying. Drew will be in action later tonight.

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Aleister Black is back in his dark room but before he can speak his door knocks. In walk Seth Rollins and Murphy. He asks what he can do for them and Seth says it’s nice to meet him. He’s come with a proposition; he’s noticed that Murphy has had some troubles with the numbers game as of late. However he wants him on his team. Murphy hands Black a shirt and he tosses it back and says no. Rollins says he wasn’t clear; either you’re with him or you’re against him. Black says those sound like fighting words, and he did knock on the right door, because he accepts.


The bell rings and Rowan runs into a big boot. McIntyre unleashes some chops, then clotheslines Rowan over the ropes. Rowan drags McIntyre from the ring, but the Scotsman slams him into the ring post. McIntyre backs Rowan into the barricade, then hits an overhead belly-to-belly on the floor.

McIntyre gets in the ring to break the count, then walks over to Rowan’s spider box. He lifts it and sets it on the ramp, then grabs the steel steps and smashes the box! Rowan is incensed and runs at McIntyre but gets hit with a Glasgow Kiss. Back in the ring, McIntyre sends Rowan into the ring post, then hits the Future Shock DDT. 3…2…1…Claymore.


The camera goes to the parking lot again and we see that Edge has still not arrived. We then see Orton in his smoky room again. A replay is shown of last week when Beth Phoenix came to RAW and got attacked by Orton.

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The Kabuki Warriors are in the ring and laugh a lot before talking in Japanese. They dance around and laugh some more. Kairi asks Asuka how she’s feeling because her wrist is bandaged. Asuka says it’s OK, then Kairi screams something in Japanese. Asuka says she wants to beat someone and mentions Alexa Bliss.


We start the match with Liv and Kairi. They lock-up and Kairi forces Liv to the ropes, then pinches her cheeks and pats her on the head. Liv shoves Sane, then rolls her up for a one-count. Liv kicks Kairi, but the pirate queen springboards off the ropes and hits a hurricanrana.

Liv knocks Sane onto the middle rope and dropkicks her. Liv forces Kairi to the corner and hits a hip attack before tagging Natalya. They hit a double suplex on Sane and Nattie covers for two. Natalya whips Kairi to the ropes but she clings on. Ruby Riott comes down to watch.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Asuka sends Liv to the corner but she elbows Kairi, then jumps off the ropes to dropkick Asuka. Natalya tags in and hits a double hip toss with Liv for a two-count. Sane sucker-punches Natalya, then Asuka tags her in and she hits a double axe handle.

Sane taunts Liv, then stomps Natalya and tries pinning her with one foot while saluting. Sane tags Asuka before hitting a low dropkick to Nattie. Asuka attacks the arm of Natalya and applies an armbar, then transitions into a guillotine.

Sarah Logan comes down and stands near Ruby Riott on the ramp. Nattie powers out of the submission, while Ruby and Sarah brawl on the outside. Liv climbs the ropes and dives onto both of them with a crossbody, while Natalya has nobody to tag.

Nattie rolls-up Kairi for a two, then hits a discus clotheslines for a two. Natalya applies a Sharpshooter to Kairi, but Asuka runs in and kicks her in the head for the win.


*Commercial Break*

The O.C. make their entrane and AJ Styles does not look happy following the events of last night.

Styles says that twice now The Undertaker has stuck his nose in his business and stolen moments from him. He stole a trophy from him in Saudi Arabia, and last night he cost him the match against Aleister Black. We see replays of last night and the fans chant “Undertaker”.

AJ says that, three years ago, he saw Undertaker get beat by Roman Reigns. And after that match the Deadman took off his gloves, coat and hat, and laid them in the middle of the ring. Then he stood on the ramp and threw his fist up, as if he was riding into the sunset. And he should have done that when Brock Lesnar ended his streak.

Regardless, that was a beautiful moment but The Undertaker ruined it. For whatever reason, Undertaker keeps coming back and he doesn’t understand why. But whatever the reason, he wants him at WrestleMania. Styles says ten, fifteen years ago he would have been timid in calling out The Undertaker. But he no longer sees a mythical creature, he sees a tired old man called Mark Galloway.

AJ says Undertaker should have retired in his prime. He thinks Undertaker keeps coming back because of his wife, Michelle McCool. He reminds the fans that they’re married, and he says that McCool plays Undertaker like a fiddle. He says she gets what she wants, all the money for her and her kids, even at the expense of The Undertaker getting hurt. So he wants to give The Undertaker some advice: your wife will run you into the ground. And he’s going to help.

Styles says he’s going to make sure that The Undertaker dies in the ring. Better yet, he’s going to take his soul. He’s going to do what his wife wants him to. It’s simple, he’s challenging The Undertaker to a one-on-one match at WrestlMania. He asks what The Undertaker has left to lose, his pride? His dignity? His mystique. It’s all gone, he’s just a broken down, old man. He hopes The Undertaker is listening, because the fans don’t care about him. AJ implores ‘Taker to accept and he’ll personally put the nail in the coffin.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back with Randy Orton and Charly Caruso approaches him. She asks for his thoughts on Edge coming to the arena tonight and Orton ignores her.


The bell rings and they lock-up. Moss slams Cedric down, hits the ropes twice, then hits a shoulder tackle. Moss attacks Alexander in the corner, then hits a fallaway slam into the turnbuckles and he rolls out. Moss gets Cedric back in the ring and takes a rear chinlock.

Alexander fights up and delivers a few strikes to Moss. Cedric gets thrown to the apron, then jumps in with a swinging STO for a near-fall. Alexander gets tossed onto the apron again, then looks to springboard in but Moss knocks him off the ropes. Moss tackles him in the corner, then hits his finisher for the win.


*Commercial Break*

We’re back from the break and MVP is in the ring in a suit. He insults the fans for a minute before saying he’s here because he’s transitioning from in-ring competitor to brainiac. He says it’s time for him to lead others to success. He says he needs a solid foundation to build a stable, and he wants to build it around a guy like Edge. He says he and Edge go way back but the guy lacks focus.

However with his leadership, he can get Edge back to the top of the mountain. He says he knows the fans can’t wait to see Edge but he’s not here for them. A black SUV pulls up backstage and out steps Edge in all black, wearing a beanie that he rips off and tosses. MVP is excited and says he and Edge are about to make a lot of money.

Edge’s music hits and out he comes to a huge pop. Edge stomps straight to the ring and snatches the microphone from MVP. He yells for Randy Orton and tells him to grow a set. He tells him to get out here right now. Edge slams the mic into MVP’s chest, and MVP says Edge isn’t focusing again, his mind is elsewhere. Then asks how is his wife. Edge turns and hits MVP with a Spear!

No sooner has he hit the Spear than out comes Randy Orton to attack Edge. Orton beats Edge around for a minute, then Edge shoves him away and hits an RKO! Edge looks incensed, then he goes from the ring and grabs a chair. Edge grabs a second chair but Orton rolls from the ring and runs up the ramp. MVP then attacks Edge again but Edge gets him in a standing triangle choke. Edge then hits MVP with an RKO onto a chair, before grabbing the other chair and hitting a Con-Chair-To. Edge stares at Orton, who slowly backs away on the ramp. The fans chant “one more time”, so Edge obliges and hits a second Con-Chair-To. They go back to the staredown and Orton turns to leave but Edge jumps out of the ring and chases after him.

*Commercial Break*

It’s announced that, next week, AJ Styles and The Undertaker will have a contract signing.

We see a video of Triple H receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from Arnold Schwarzanegger.

Edge is running around backstage, looking for Orton, when Charly Caruso stops him and tells him Randy left the arena. Edge looks pissed.


The match begins with a lock-up and Seth takes the wrist of Black. Aleister fights out and hits two arm-drags but Rollins comes with a kick to the gut, then looks for The Stomp but Black moves and swings for Black Mass but Seth ducks. Seth then runs at Black but gets tossed over the ropes. Black feigns a dive but springboards back and sits in the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and the former Black is in control of the current Black. Rollins hits a slingblade for a two-count, then applies a sleeper. Black gets to his feet and fires Rollins off, but Seth slams him face-first into the buckles.

Seth leaves the ring and drags Black under the bottom rope so that he’s draped on the apron, then hits a running knee. Back in the ring and Black dodges a springboard knee from Seth, and delivers some running forearms. Black drops Rollins with a few kicks, then kips-up and hits a springboard moonsault.

Murphy gets on the apron and Black punches him, but Seth rolls him up for a near-fall. Black hits a headkick and a snap German suplex but Murphy runs in and breaks the pinfall.


Seth and Murphy beat on Black after the match until AOP come out and join the fight. They hit Black with a neckbreaker/powerbomb, then out come The Viking Raiders and they brawl with AOP. The heels are in control until out come the RAW Tag Team Champions, The Street Profits. The Raiders and the Profits clear the ring. Ford gets on the microphone and says they should make this an eight-man tag team match, because they want the smoke.

*Commercial Break*


We’re back and the bell rings with Murphy and Montez Ford in the ring. They tie-up and Ford forces Murphy to the corner and they shove each other. Ford backflips away, then dropkicks Murphy and tags Dawkins, who comes in with a dropkick for a one-count.
Ivar tags in with Akam and they exchange shots, with the Viking drop the militant with a boot. Erik tags in and he delivers a huge knee to Akam, then tags Ivar right back in. Akam knees Ivar and tags Seth Rollins. Seth looks to whip Ivar but the big man won’t budge, so Seth forearms him and tags Murphy.
Murphy and Rollins team to whip Ivar but he bounces back out with a shoulder tackle to Murphy and tags Erik. Ivar is bodyslammed onto Murphy, who then hits a jawbreaker to Erik and stumbles to tag Rezar.
Ford tags in and he comically chops the chest of Rezar over and over to no effect. Ford ducks a lariat and hits a dropkick. Ford then climbs to the top rope and hits a crossbody but Rezar catches him and hits a fallway slam. Akam tagged back in and he batters Ford with forearms.
Murphy tags in and he takes Ford down with a sleeper. Ford fights to his feet but Murphy drops him. Murphy puts Ford in his corner but Montez kicks him back and elbows Seth and the authors before diving over Murphy and tagging Erik. The Viking comes in against Murphy and drops him with lariats and a overhead suplex.
Rezar runs in but Erik punches him and kicks him from the ring before hitting a suicide dive but Rezar doesn’t budge. They share a staredown but Murphy comes off the apron with a meteora to Erik.
*Commercial Break*
Back from the break and Erik it knocked from the ring, where Seth throws him into the barricade, and a second time. Rollins looks to do it a third time but Erik turns the tables.
Both men are back in the ring and Erik tries to make a tag but Murphy and Akam run in to knock his teammates from the apron. Rezar tags in and he clocks Erik with a knee to the face for a near-fall. Akam tags in and he takes a headlock on Erik near his corner.
Erik fights to his feet but gets forced back and Seth tags in agaIn. Rollins and Akam gang Erik in the corner and Seth chokes him with his boot. Seth takes a front facelock but Erik fights up, only for Seth to hit him and knock Ivar from the apron. Erik connects with a knee to the face of Seth and finally makes a tag to Montez Ford.
Ford comes in against Murphy with a springboard crossbody. Ford knocks both authors from the apron with dropkicks, then hits Murphy with a DDT right out of The Rock’s book, followed by a standing moonsault.
*Commercial Break*
Rollins drops Ford with a flying forearm and whips him to the corner. Ford starts to make a comeback but Seth stops him dead in his tracks and goes right back to the rear chinlock. Murphy tags in and hits a belly-to-back suplex to Ford. He allows Ford to get to his feet though, and gets hit with a superkick.
Ivar and Rollins tag in and Ivar hits a shoulder tackle. Akam runs in and he gets hit with a lariat and a crossbody. Rezar runs in but he gets hit with a seated senton. Erik tags in and they attempt a springboard clothesline/German suplex but Rezar attacks Ivar on the ropes.
Meanwhile Seth hits a Falcon Arrow to Erik. Everyone runs in and hits some of their signature moves. Rollins attempts a Stomp on Erik but gets hit with a spinebuster. Montez Ford gets tagged and he hits a frog splash but Murphy breaks it up.
Dawkins tosses Murphy over the ropes, then the Vikings hit suicide dives to AOP and Murphy. Seth comes out of nowhere with a springboard knee to Dawkins. Ford knocks Rollins to the outside, then hits a tope onto everyone at ringside…except Seth. Ford slides into the ring and gets Stomped.

As Rollins is celebrating his win, Kevin Owens appears and drags him from the ring. Owens beats on Seth until AOP toss him in the ring. Owens hits Akam with a Stunner, then tosses Rezar over the ropes. Murphy runs in but he gets hit with a Stunner as well, but Seth then kills the fun with a Stomp to KO. Rollins hits a second Stomp. Murphy is about to get into the ring but Rollins stops him, saying this is his moment. Rollins then lifts KO for a third Stomp.

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