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That’s right, for the first time ever, tonight’s WWE RAW will take place behind closed doors at the Performance Centre in Florida. It’s going to make for an especially strange show given the presence of Stone Cold Steve Austin on 3:16 Day. That said, WWE is rolling with the punches and SmackDown was a fun show on Friday, so here’s hoping tonight will be the same.
Edge is also scheduled to appear on tonight’s RAW, as he continues his quest for revenge against Randy Orton. This is, by far, the best storyline in wrestling right now, and a unique setting could make for some fun brawling around the PC.
Elsewhere tonight, The Undertaker will meet AJ Styles for a contract signing. Last week Styles cut one hell of a promo on The Undertaker, making a simmering feud scorching hot. So tonight The Deadman returns and it’s exciting to see what he has in store for Styles following the scathing personal attack.
And that’s all we know about tonight’s WWE RAW. Let us know what you’re excited to see and follow along here for a few hours to take your mind off the usual. Enjoy the show!


Monday Night RAW opens from the WWE Performance Centre in Florida, with Jerry Lawler, Brian Saxton, and Tom Phillips in the ring. They introduce the unique show, and mention that Stone Cold will be there, as well as Edge and The Undertaker.
Edge’s music hits and out the Hall of Famer comes. Edge takes the ring by himself and says it’s been a strange few months for him and his wife, and we see footage of Randy Orton’s attacks. Edge says it has been a long time coming. When Bob Orton introduced him to his fresh-faced son some 20 years ago, he knew in his gut their lives would intertwine.
They stole the show, battling for the Intercontinental Championship, forming Rated RKO to take down DX, etc. All those roads they travelled, exchanging stories, finding out they disliked the same people, and owed the same man for their entire careers; Mick Foley. Edge says Foley took both of them at a young age and forced them to live by the sword. But there’s one lesson Edge took from Foley that Randy didn’t: grit.
Edge says him and Orton are very alike, but Orton is an entitled brat. Randy might be the very best to ever step in the ring, but he was handed everything on a silver platter. And it makes Orton jealous that someone like Edge could do achieve all the same things, coming from nothing. He didn’t have a rich daddy, he had a single mother who broke her back to make his dreams come true. He says Orton said he loves him, but he’s just jealous.
So two weeks ago Beth came back to give a medical update, but what no one realises is that she was there to retire him again, publicly. She felt Edge shouldn’t have to retire from what he loves twice, but Randy couldn’t stop himself. And Randy said Edge pulled him out of holes, saved him from making horrible decisions, but this time Orton saved him. Stopped him from making a horrible decision.
So at WrestleMania, if Randy has the guts, it’s gonna be Edge Vs. Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing match. Edge says Randy doesn’t get to write this story. It’s a redemption story and at the end, Randy won’t be standing.
Earlier today we see a video of Becky Lynch arriving at the Performance Centre in a semi-truck with her picture on it. She’ll be live on RAW, tonight.
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WWE is showing the entire men’s Royal Rumble match from January. You can read our results of that match, and every other match from the card right here.
We return to Lawler, Saxton, and Phillips behind the announce desk after the Royal Rumble match. They relay the news that WrestleMania will be aired from the Performance Centre this year, and The King says the show must go on. Phillips says all the matches will be the same, then shows us footage of two weeks ago when McIntyre attacked Brock Lesnar and left him lying.
It’s time for the contract signing, and Lawler introduces The Undertaker. The Deadman just saunters to the ring wearing a beanie and no shirt, not unlike the American Badass. He doesn’t waste any time however, he just flips the table and starts wrecking the place and it cuts to commercial.
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We’re back live and the announcers say that the reason Undertaker flipped out is because there was no contract to be signed. We see a replay of last week when Styles cut the scathing promo on the Deadman.
The Undertaker is still in the ring, pacing around. AJ Styles’ music hits and The Undertaker waits, but AJ doesn’t appear. His music hits again but it’s the same thing. AJ and The O.C. appear on the screen.
AJ says he has the contract and it was him who challenged ‘Taker to a WreslteMania match. Yet here we are, in the Performance Centre, where so many young stars come, looking to become the next Undertaker. Styles says he is a legend, on the Mount Rushmore for sure, but this is 2020. He says you don’t see Michael Jordan inserting himself into the NBA Finals, or Brett Farve injecting himself into the SuperBowl. However The Deadman comes out, limping to the ring, every year for WrestleMania, and it’s all because of his wife.
Styles says Undertaker is a shell of his former self, his flame is gone. He says part of him thinks he should have some sympathy for the old man, but it’s not there. And that’s because Undertaker stuck his nose in O.C business, twice! At WrestleMania though, the lights can go out but Undertaker can’t hide…and we damn sure know he can’t run. Styles says that, once the show is over, he’ll happily pay for his assisted living. And really, he’s doing everyone a favour, when he makes him rest in peace. Styles signs the contract, then asks Gallows and Anderson to take the contract to The Undertaker but they don’t want to. Styles forces them anyway, and they meander to the ring where the Deadman waits.
Gallows and Anderson slide the contract into the ring, then back away…but the lights go out and the bell tolls. The lights come back and Undertaker is behind them. They slowly turn around and he runs them both into the ring apron. He uppercuts Anderson, then whips him into the steel steps. ‘Taker then beats Gallows down against the apron, before tossing Anderson into the barricade. Luke is tossed into the barricade as well, then Undertaker signs the contract and stuffs it in Karl Anderson’s mouth. Undertaker stares at AJ’s face on the screen.
Up next, Rey Mysterio faces Andrade! And still to come, the greatest of all-time, Stone Cold Steve Austin!
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We’re back and Rey Mysterio makes his entrance. For some reason, Asuka has joined the commentary team for this match.


The bell rings and Rey dropkicks Andrade onto the middle rope, but the United States Champion grabs Rey from behind and slams him down. Andrade hits a running dropkick, followed by an elbow drop to the back. Andrade takes the wrist but Rey hits a springboard headscissors.
Andrade throws Rey to the apron, where Vega grabs his ankles. Rey shakes her off and goes to the top rope. Rey jumps but gets caught in mid-air with a dropkick. Andrade gets a two-count as we head to the break.
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We return to find Rey Mysterio on Andrade’s shoulders, and he hits a hurricanrana that sends the US Champ into the ring post. Rey hits a springboard seated senton, followed by a headscissors, then reverses a sunset flip and connects with a kick.
Rey hits a springboard but Andrade catches him. Rey counters a suplex but gets caught with a back elbow for a near-fall. Andrade looks for the Three Amigoes but Rey counters with a hurricanrana onto the middle rope. Rey hits the 619, followed by a splash for the win!
We see highlights of the women’s Elimination Chamber match from 8 days ago. Becky Lynch will be live on Raw, next!
*Commercial Break*
The RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch comes to the ring to thunderous applause. Lynch says this one goes out to Baszler, who she knows is watching. She says Baszler is obsessed and has been told she can bully her way through life. She did it in NXT, and she couldn’t help but watch this ginger-headed legend on RAW running the show. And as long as she is the Champion, Shayna’s life is a lie.
So let her explain it in terms she’ll understand. She was hunted until she got tired. She’s the prey who killed her predator. She says every Tweet, every line, is designed to make Baszler think what she wants her to think. So she can walk around with her gumshield and cold eyes, but she knows Becky is different. Lynch wants Baszler to think how it will feel when she beats her. She watched Baszler rip through the Elimination Chamber and it was a wake-up call, but at WrestleMania she will show that her life is a lie and it will hit her like a truck. We see Baszler watching on a monitor backstage, furious.
We see another clip of a classic Stone Cold Steve Austin moment, and this time it’s when he beat Vince McMahon in hospital.
*Commercial Break*
We see a replay of last Monday, when Rhea Ripley punched Charlotte Flair, then a replay of NXT this week when Charlotte came to NXT and they brawled until Flair applied the Figure Four around the ringpost. They will fight for the NXT Women’s Championship at WrestleMania.
Charly Caruso interviews Kevin Owens backstage, and she asks where and when he wants to face Seth Rollins. KO addresses Seth and says of course he accepts his challenge. It will happen at the Performance Centre, and there’s truly no better place. Because for months Seth has used his goons and had an advantage, but this is his ground zero. He had his WWE tryout at the Performance Centre, and prior to that he was told by so many people that he wasn’t WWE material. Including Seth. In the walls of the PC he made many friends and brothers, and memories that will last a lifetime. And when he beats Seth at WrestleMania he will establish another memory inside the PC.
We see a highlight of WrestleMania XIV, where Stone Cold beat Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship. Stone Cold will be live, next!
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Next week on RAW, both Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre will be on the show. Also, Randy Orton will be live to answer Edge’s challenge to a Last Man Standing match.
The Texas Rattlesnake, the Hall of Famer, the greatest of all-time, Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way to the ring, drinking some beer. Austin grabs two beers in the ring and sinks them before falling onto his back and spewing his beer.
Austin says “I blew myself up on my entrance!” He says he’s out here to make a declaration, that the 16th day of March is a national holiday. And if you want to know what 3:16 day is all about, “give me a hell yeah”. The camera cuts to the fans. Austin asks again and Byron Saxton answers in very cringe-worthy fashion, so Austin asks again.
Steve Austin says 3:16 is the day in which you answer a load of crap from someone by giving them a certain finger salute. Byron Saxton is holding up a giant 8 card, seemingly rating Austin. The Rattlesnake continues and says 3:16 is a day in which you can open up a can of whoop ass on anyone, and Byron gives Austin a 6. 3:16 day is also a day when the speed limit is a suggestion, a day when your boss works for you, a day when you can have beer instead of your morning coffee, a day when four letter words are always acceptable. Saxton gave Asutin a 5 and he doesn’t like it. Austin asks him to reconsider but he doesn’t. Basically, 3:16 is the day in which you can whip anybody’s ass and get away with it.
Stone Cold invites Byron down to the ring to celebrate 3:16 day with him. Austin grabs a few beers while Byron walks to the ring. Austin rates Byron’s outfit, then shakes his hand in the ring. Austin says he appreciates Byron’s work, and says he was a little tough on him. Saxton says he was just being honest but he loves him. Austin says he appreciates all the depth Byron brought to the show tonight, so he hands him a beer. “To Byron, for being an unadultered jackass”, Austin splashes the beers over Byron, then Stunners him!
As Austin is celebrating with his beers, Becky Lynch comes down to the ring with a cooler. Austin reminds Becky that the last time they were in a ring together, she Stunned him. Austin asks her if she respects 3:16 Day and she says she does. The two of them share some beers, then Austin pours beer over Saxton and Stuns him again to end the show.

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