5 Surprises that could happen on this week’s episode of SmackDown

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Here are 5 surprises that could truly make SmackDown on FOX this week very interesting indeed.

5. Goldberg turns heel, attacks Roman Reigns from behind

The Universal Champion Goldberg and Roman Reigns will be part of a contract-signing segment on this week’s episode of SmackDown and one knows from the whole Undertaker-AJ Styles fracas that a contract signing segment isn’t necessarily a peaceful affair, ever. What could certainly make the contract signing interesting is, however, if the two babyfaces shake hands and decide to go their separate ways but then Goldberg attacks Roman Reigns from behind. This would firmly establish him as a heel.
It is necessary for Goldberg to go heel for the storyline to be compelling because as it stands, most of the audience does not care who becomes the next Universal Champion either way. If Roman Reigns goes on to win the Championship, it does not necessarily mean that the audience will be on his side because he defeated Goldberg.
But if he was to defeat a heel Goldberg, the outcome may be quite different.

4. Nia Jax returns with Paige

Opinions were divided with regard to why Paige was supposed to make a comeback to SmackDown last week. Some predicted that she would follow in the footsteps of Edge and Daniel Bryan and announce that she was coming back to the ring to take Bayley on.
While that would definitely be the best-case scenario, a more realistic possibility is that she’s returning as the mouthpiece for someone on the roster like Nia Jax. A lot of fans have speculated that Paige and Nia Jax could form an alliance as such, much like Heyman and Lesnar have on RAW.
Paige is a big draw to this day and even if she does not compete, her very presence is enough to cause a stir and make sure that whoever she is managing goes up another level. Nia Jax and Paige could be quite a formidable combination, and if Paige was to return to the ring someday maybe the two of them could even team up and go for the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

3. Riddick Moss shows up on SmackDown

It just seems like Riddick Moss has hit a bit of a plateau with the 24/7 Championship because he just doesn’t have the comedic timing of R-Truth and also has not been presented in a very interesting manner either. Maybe he needs to mix it up with the men (and women) on SmackDown because a change of scenery may do him a world of good, truth be told.
There are so many individuals on SmackDown who could honestly benefit greatly when it comes to being a part of the 24/7 Championship picture. Maybe Drake Maverick or Elias could be included in the title picture once again and maybe even a bigger name such as Big E could be included in the picture. Big E has better comic timing than almost anyone in the roster and could do a great job in elevating this title and making it relevant again.
Even the Lucha House Party could have a great run as 24/7 Champions considering that they aren’t doing far too much otherwise anyway.

2. Kairi Sane tries to attack Alexa Bliss, but this time she is prepared

Last week on SmackDown, Asuka showed up out of nowhere to take Alexa Bliss out, seemingly to set up a match between The Kabuki Warriors and Bliss & Cross for WrestleMania 36. One had assumed that Alexa Bliss would show up on RAW to exact revenge of her own, but instead, we got to see the entire men’s Royal Rumble match from start to finish. So, what if the heels choose to attack again but this time the babyfaces are prepared for it?
It would be very weird indeed if Alexa Bliss was to be taken out for the second successive week by The Kabuki Warriors and this is why I do honestly feel that it makes more sense for her to be prepared and counter the attack by the heels because it would be the perfect setup for a title match down the line at WrestleMania. The match could be made official by WWE shortly after this attack takes place.

1. Triple H is attacked at the commentary desk

I guess that everybody loved Triple H on commentary last week, but could he have been placed at the table for a very specific reason? While we do know that Braun Strowman lost the Intercontinental Championship at Elimination Chamber, I doubt that he’s in a hurry to regain the title, especially if you consider that Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak seem to be at odds with Zayn’s faction.
And as a result of the same, I have a feeling that Braun Strowman could get into it with Triple H at the commentary desk, to set up a match for WrestleMania. He’s far too big a star to be left out of the proceedings in my opinion, at least.
And WWE needs all the stars that they can get because WrestleMania 36 will happen in front of no audience. Having a big name like Triple H in the mix, take on a star such as Braun Strowman could certainly make things interesting.

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