WWE RAW Results February 3rd, 2020: Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for latest Monday Night RAW

Welcome to SporstArenaa News’ live results for WWE Raw!
Sooooo……tonight is a bit weird. If you haven’t been following Ringside News’ feed today, you might have missed that WWE Raw was in jeopardy most of the day. There’s been a heck of a lot of snow in Salt Lake City, where the show is happening, and there was talk of Raw being cancelled. Vince McMahon is not one to cancel a show for any reason, so the show will be going on regardless.
That means tonight’s show will be rather unpredictable. We don’t know what talents will be at the show, and which won’t. Randy Orton was scheduled to explain his actions last week, in regards to Edge, but we aren’t sure if he will be there to do so. And that is literally all that has been announced for tonight’s Raw.
So, a light preview tonight because there is nothing to preview. Should be an interesting show as WWE starts the build toward Super ShowDown. Follow along on the Ringside News app, Instagram, and Twitter. Enjoy the show!


Monday Night Raw opens with a look back at the main event of last week’s show, in which Randy Orton brutally attacked Edge. We see extra footage of Edge being loaded into an ambulance.
It’s time for some answers.#RAW @RandyOrton pic.twitter.com/oU0YhoHrWi

— WWE (@WWE) February 4, 2020

The Viper, Randy Orton, slowly comes to the ring to the boos of the fans. Orton doesn’t speak, looks conflicted, and leans on the ropes. He eventually stands on the ropes and poses as the fans boos get louder, then does the same in another corner. He says he guesses he owes everyone an explanation. Randy says the thing is…but the fans cut him off with boos and chants for Edge.

Haven’t heard heat like this since the night after WrestleMania when Reigns beat ‘Taker. Orton continues to start and stop talking. Eventually he says “I can’t do this”, and drops the mic and walks off.

We see a few highlights of the Royal Rumble, centred around Brock and McIntyre. Later tonight, Ricochet will face Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins in a Triple Threat to determine the number one contender to Brock at Super ShowDown – Ricochet is the obvious winner of that. And there will also be a 6-man elimination tag team match. Up first though, we’re getting a rematch of a match from last week that nobody was asking for!

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The bell rings and Liv shoves Lana, who falls and says she has broken her wrist. The doctor forces Liv back but eventually Lana attacks her. Lana applies a neck submission.

Lana slams Liv down by the head, then gloats to the fans. Liv fires back and hits double knees. Morgan hits Lana with a reverse STO and scores the very quick pinfall.


Ruby Riott’s music hits and she comes to the ring! The fans chant for Ruby, and Liv goes to hug her but Ruby slams Liv down! Riott kicks Liv as she tries to get to her feet, then unloads right hands and kicks her back. Ruby attacks her from behind once more before leaving the ring. Lana then lifts and slams her.

🚨Monday Night Riott!🚨 @RubyRiottWWE returns to #RAW and unleashes shocking assault on @YaOnlyLivvOnce! pic.twitter.com/xxcn1TKIgv

— WWE (@WWE) February 4, 2020

There’s been a few weird production issues tonight; Liv came out to Lana’s graphics, and then the lights just went out in the ring for no reason. Drew McIntyre will be in action after the break.

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Back live, we get a replay of last week, when Drew McIntyre challenged Brock Lesnar to a match at WrestleMania. Drew comes to the ring and his opponent, Mojo Rawley, is already there. McIntyre thanks the fans for fighting through a blizzard to be there. Drew says he’ll be with Mojo in a minute but the match will only last three seconds. McIntyre directs his attention to Brock Lesnar and says he attacked him from behind last week. That’s fine though, because it shows him that Brock is scared of the “sexy Scotsman.” He says Brock knows that he’s big, strong, and has the Claymore Kick that will knock him out. McIntyre then acts startled and says he forgot Mojo was there. He tells him it will only take three seconds, then tells the referee to ring the bell.


The bell rings and Mojo turns from talking to Moss outside the ring, and gets hit with a Claymore Kick. Didn’t even take his jacket off.


Charly Caruso interviews Buddy Murphy and AOP backstage. Buddy says they’re focused on the Monday Night Messiah, and that Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe are not thinking smart. Seth appears and he tells them to go and get ready for their match, because he’s got this. Charly then asks Seth about the Triple Threat tonight. Rollins says life is funny; last week he was thrown out of the Rumble, but here he is with a second chance. Rollins says that he has beaten Brock twice and he knows that Drew has his heart set on Lesnar, but he needs to start preparing for the Monday Night Messiah.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring for the 6-man elimination tag, after the break.

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— WWE (@WWE) February 4, 2020



The match starts with Owens and Murphy, with KO body slamming Buddy and hitting a senton. Erik and Ivar tag in and the former body slams the latter onto Murphy as we head to the break.

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Back from commercial, Ivar is in the ring with Rezar and they’re trading hands. A big boot to the face by Ivar sends Rezar to the corner. Erik is tagged in and both men double team Rezar.

Erik sends Rezar to the corner but he comes back with a big clothesline taking Erik out. Rezar tags Akam and they double team Erik before tagging Murphy. Buddy slows down the pace and hits Erik around the ring, keeping him grounded. Erik fights back with elbows but Murphy connects with a spin heel kick, as Erik lands a kick of his own.

Ivar is tagged, as is Akam. Ivar takes him out with a body tackle, and in comes Rezar but Ivar drops him as well. A huge clothesline from Ivar takes Buddy Murphy down. then Erik is tagged in. He lifts Murphy up, jumps off the second rope and clothesline Murphy. Erik goes for the cover but AOP break it up.

The Viking Raiders take them to the outside and Ivar connects with a suicide dive. Erik then readies himself and hits a suicide dive of his own. Ivar runs towards Akam but the AOP man moves out of the way and Ivar slams into the LED ring apron, causing it to go on the fritz.

The referee is distracted, so Rollins hits the Curb Stomp on Erik. Erik is thrown back in the ring as Rezar goes for the cover and pins him! Erik Eliminated. Ivar looks injured as WWE officials take him to the back. Kevin Owens gets on the ring apron as Murphy and AOP stand in the ring.

With @Ivar_WWE unable to continue, @FightOwensFight has to go this alone…

Best of luck, KO. #RAW pic.twitter.com/xg8Gbhax0o

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) February 4, 2020

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We’re back live and Owens is being beaten from pillar to post by AOP and Buddy Murphy. Owens gets knocked from the ring and Murphy tries to attack him but Owens catches him and hits a fallaway slam into the barricade!

Murphy just makes it back into the ring for the referee’s count. Owens kicks him but Buddy fires back with a calf kick for a two-count. Akam tags back in and he takes Owens down for a laborious headlock. Owens fights up but Akam drops him and tags Murphy. Owens catches Buddy with a spike DDT for a near-fall. The Aussie crawls to his corner and makes the tag to Akam again.

Buddy tags in and kicks Owens down. Buddy whips Owens to the corner but he attacks both Akam and Rezar, knocking them from the apron. Owens then hits a cannonball to Akam at ringside. Rezar runs at Owens but he sidesteps and sends him into the steel steps. Murphy leaps over the ropes onto Owens but he eats a superkick.

Owens sends Murphy inside and looks to hit a Swanton Bomb but Murphy gets his knees up. Murphy climbs up top and leaps at Owens but KO ducks him, then hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb and scores a pinfall! Buddy Murphy Eliminated. Akam is now the legal man and he runs in to attack Owens. He beats him down but allows Owens to get up and gets caught with a Stunner and gets pinned! Akam Eliminated.

MAKE IT TWO.@FightOwensFight has eliminated @Akam_WWE, and the look on @WWERollins‘ face says it all! #RAW pic.twitter.com/GFsE8RZtbt

— WWE (@WWE) February 4, 2020

Seth Rollins fires Rezar up at ringside, slapping him. The big man runs into the ring and tries to tackle Owens in the corner but hits the post. Owens hits a superkick and knocks him down in the corner. A cannonball from Owens, followed by a Swanton Bomb for a near-fall. Seth almost had a heart-attack at ringside The fans chant for KO. He tries to lift Rezar but Seth gets on the apron. Owens swings for Seth and misses, then gets hit with a clothesline from Rezar, followed by a one-handed spinebuster. Rezar lifts KO and hits another one-handed spinebuster and that’s it.


Seth, Buddy, Akam, and Rezar regroup and pose together on the stage. We’re left with Kevin Owens in the ring and the fans give him a standing ovation.

Charly Caruso interviews Ricochet backstage. She asks what the Triple Threat means to him tonight. He says it’s a shot for the WWE Championship. And that’s the dream. He says that’s all he’s ever wanted. He’s not as big or strong as Bobby Lashley, and he doesn’t have the cunning that Seth Rollins has. So he has to use what he has, which is determination. It means everything to him.

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Who will be next to #FadeToBlxck?@WWEAleister is in action NEXT on #RAW! pic.twitter.com/m4IGDilJpW

— WWE (@WWE) February 4, 2020


The bell rings and Young tackles Black, forcing him to the corner. Eric delivers a few headbutts but then Black sweeps his legs. Black sends Young into the ropes and hits a kitchen sink knee. Black delivers big kick after big kick to young.

Young throws an elbow but eats a switch knee and crumbles. Black lifts Young with his boot and connects with Black Mass.


After the match, Black asks if we’ve all been told at one point or another, who we should be. He says he’s never believed in that, because he thinks everyone should be whoever they want, because that inspires relentless competition. He takes a seat and the lights go down. He says he will kick in the door of the RAW locker room and the light will be extinguished by the black mass. And when it happens, they will know it was done by someone who was told he could be whatever he wanted.

We see a replay of two months ago, when Andrade hit Humberto Carrillo with the Hammerlock DDT on the concrete floor, then last week when Carrillo did the same to Andrade. Hence why the United States Champion is out indefinitely….nothing to do with drugs. Carrillo makes his way to the ring.

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— WWE (@WWE) February 4, 2020

Zelina Vega comes out alongside Angel Garza, the NXT Superstar and Humberto’s cousin. Vega asks Carrillo if he is surprised? She says she has found Carrillo’s vulnerability. She says Garza is not some hired hitman, but a former NXT Cruiserweight Champion. The hottest latino prospect there is.  Garza says he knows Humberto is shocked to see him but there’s a reason for it. He says they both know that he is the leader of their family, so Carrillo will answer to him.

Carrillo slaps Garza and they two start brawling until Garza hits the Wing Clipper. Garza then tosses Carrillo from the ring and hits a dropkick to the face. Garza slams Carrillo into the steel steps as Vega pulls the flooring back. Garza drags Carrillo over and readies for the Hammerlock DDT but out comes Rey Mysterio to aid Humberto. Rey gets in the ring and comes face-to-face with Garza and Vega.

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The bell rings as we return from the break. Garza kicks things off with a headlock takeover, but Rey reverses it into a scissor lock. Garza reaches the ropes to force the break. Mysterio hits a headscissor takedown after a series of dodges and reversals.

Mysterio runs towards Garza but he gets on one knee and extends his hand for a handshake. Mysterio tells him no and to stand up. Garza rips his pants off, throws them onto Mysterio, and stomps on him. Garza remains in control, chopping Rey in the chest and forcing him to the corner. He places Rey on the second rope and trips him, followed by a dropkick that causes Rey to hit the mat.

Angel puts Rey on the top rope again, and this time he tries to take Rey’s mask off but Mysterio fights it. Garza gets Rey in a tree of woe, then runs and knees him in the midsection. He goes for the cover but Rey kicks out. Rey counters Garza with a kick to the face, then throws him onto the ropes. Mysterio goes for the 619 but Garza throws him onto the ring apron. Garza then slides to the outside and trips Rey on the apron as we head to the break.

Hitting @reymysterio with the knee full force?

Not bad for a #RAW debut, @AngelGarzaWwe. pic.twitter.com/oNUCtI8qWA

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) February 4, 2020

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Back from commercial, a back breaker by Rey. Both men slow to get up but it’s Garza who throws Rey hard into the turnbuckle. Garza climbs the second rope, he jumps but misses a moonsault. Rey goes for the cover but Garza kicks out. A kick to the head by Mysterio earns a two-count.

Rey connects with a tornado DDT for a near-fall. Rey gets on the top rope and hits a seated senton. He hits the ropes but Garza grabs Rey’s foot and connects with a knee to the face for a two-count. Garza goes for the Wing Clipper but Rey reverses it into a sunset driver! He dropkicks Garza onto the ropes and goes for the 619 but Zelina Vega moves Garza out of the way.

Rey jumps over the top rope and lands on Garza on the outside. Vega gets in Rey’s face as Garza hits Rey with a super kick. He throws Rey into the barricade. With the exposed concrete still there, Garza hits Rey with the hammerlock DDT and the referee calls for the bell.


The fans were not happy about the screwy finish. Garza and Vega leave smugly and officials check on Rey.

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The Queen and the 2020 Royal Rumble winner, Charlotte Flair, comes to the ring to announce who she will be facing at WrestleMania.

— WWE (@WWE) February 4, 2020

Flair gets in the ring and says everyone wants to know who she will choose to face at Wrestlemania. Will she choose Becky Lynch for the Raw Championship or the SmackDown Champion Bayley? Charlotte says she has held the Raw Championship several times and she’s beaten Becky too. She has held the SmackDown Championship and has beaten Bayley. She says she also has love for NXT, and NXT has love for their queen. Charlotte says she has held all the gold 10 times. But the queen still wants all the gold.

Out comes the NXT Champion Rhea Ripley! She gets in the ring as the fans chant “NXT”. She reiterates that Charlotte did win the women’s Royal Rumble and she gets to challenge for any title she wants at Wrestlemania. And like she said, she has already beaten Becky and Bayley…but she hasn’t beaten her!

Ripley says as a matter of fact, she has actually beaten her. Rhea says if she is going to challenge for any title at Wrestlemania and then she raises her championship. Charlotte walks towards her and looks at the championship. Flair leaves the ring as the crowd boo her. Flair Woo’s and walks away, as Ripley raises her championship in the air.

“If you’re gonna challenge for any title at #WrestleMania, well…”@RheaRipley_WWE rules. #RAW pic.twitter.com/GNCaAzfuji

— WWE NXT (@WWENXT) February 4, 2020

Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Lashley. She asks him for his battle plan for tonight and if he’s distracted by Lana’s defeat earlier. He says he’s not distracted because his wife’s match was her match. They will celebrate tonight when he wins and gets the opportunity he deserves. He says he will beat both Rollins and Ricochet because he is the one man that can back up a bold statement. And after he wins, here’s the spoiler. He will defeat Brock Lesnar and go on to Wrestlemania as the WWE champion. And when he goes to Wrestlemania, he will beat Drew McIntyre and remain the WWE champion.

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The bell rings and Natalya takes a headock and grinds the Empress down, but Asuka reverses it and both women get to their feet. They exchange reversals and Natalya goes for the cover but Asuka kicks out. She sends Asuka to the ropes but the Empress comes back with a shoulder block that floors Natalya.

Asuka looks for a spinning back fist but Natalya moves out of the way. Natalya lifts Asuka for a powerbomb and a two-count. Natalya goes for the sharpshooter but Asuka rolls out of the ring to regroup with Sane.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break and Asuka is laying the boots into Natalya. She slams Natalya face first into the mat, then goes for another kick but Naytalya ducks and attempts a roll-up to no avail. Asuka connects with a kick to the face then applies a modified abdominal arm bar stretch.

Natalya fights her way out of the hold but Asuka slams her into the mat and connects with the Shining Wizard for a near-fall. Asuka attempts an armbar but Natalya fights it and hits Asuka with right hands. Asuka goes for another armbar and this time Natalya stands up, lifting Asuka, and turns it into a vertical suplex.

💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪#RAW @NatbyNature pic.twitter.com/fDXsoF6N6t

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) February 4, 2020

Asuka runs at Natalya but gets caught with a kick. Nattie grabs Asuka but gets rolled-up for a near-fall. They exchange pinfall attempts until Natalya drops her with a discus clothesline. Nattie goes for the sharpshooter and locks it in. Asuka crawls and reaches the ropes and falls to the outside. Natalya goes to the outside and throws Asuka back into the ring. Sane distracts Nattie as she tries to re-enter the ring, allowing the Asuka Lock to be applied and that’s all she wrote.


After the match, Asuka gets on the microphone and starts yelling in Japanese. She switches to English and challenges Becky Lynch to a match for the Raw women’s championship!

Out comes the WWE Raw women’s champion, Becky Lynch, and she saunters to the ring. Becky says after ducking her for a full year, she wants to fight Asuka again. Lynch says beating her at the Royal Rumble nearly gave her superpowers. And if she thinks she wants to drink from that fountain again, she is right because she does. But she thinks why would she put her championship on the line so close to Wrestlemania? Lynch says because the only thing more fun than beating her ass once would be beating her again. Lynch says she’s on.

😎 T 😎 H 😎 E 😎 M 😎 A 😎 N 😎@BeckyLynchWWE isn’t going to make @WWEAsuka wait for an answer! #RAW pic.twitter.com/ecVg5RPGcL

— WWE (@WWE) February 4, 2020

Sane tries to attack Lynch from behind but Lynch throws her to the outside. Lynch turns around and stares-down Asuka, telling her she has eyes in the back of her head. Lynch grabs her WWE championship and leaves to the cheers of the fans.

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Charlotte will be on NXT this week to answer Rhea Ripley’s challenge. 

Seth Rollins makes his entrance for the main event. Rollins says good things come to those who are on the right side of victory. And to join him in giving a round of applause to Buddy Murphy and AOP for their victory earlier tonight. Rollins says now it is his time to once again dethrone Brock Lesnar as the fans don’t appear to like it.

He says he made that promise this time last year and he got a different response. He promised he would go to Wrestlemania and beat Lesnar for the Universal title and that’s exactly what he did. And he took that title and he defended it all across the world. From here to Paris, to Tokyo, to Seattle, to New York City. And instead of a proper welcome, he got crucified.

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) February 4, 2020

Rollins says he doesn’t hate them for it. Rollins says he’s here to say thank you. It’s because of them that he is the man that he is today. The man he has become and so proud of. And he is going to dethrone Brock Lesnar once again but this time it won’t be for him or for the fans but for the greater good. For something that you cannot begin to understand. It will be remembered in 10, 20, 100 years. He will go down as the man who saved this industry. Drew McIntyre won’t go to Wrestlemania to fight the beast, he will go to fight the Monday Night Messiah.

Bobby Lashley and Ricochet make their entrances, and this match will happen after the break.

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The bell rings and Ricochet fights off both Rollins and Lashley right away. He throws Lashley to the outside and drops Rollins and tries to pin him but Seth kicks out. Ricochet hits a hurricanrana and Rollins falls to the outside. Ricochet runs to the ropes but Lashley trips him up, preventing a dive to the outside.

Seth is back in the ring and hits a slingblade on Ricochet. As Lashley is entering the ring, Rollins knees him back onto the outside. Rollins continues to assault Ricochet. He sends Ricochet to the corner, runs at him but gets tossed over and onto the apron. Seth springboard off but Ricochet moves out of the way and Lashley returns to swat Rollins.

Lashley grabs Ricochet and Rollins and delivers a double neck breaker. Lashley clothesline Rollins to the outside, then runs at Ricochet but gets caught with a kick to the side of the head. Dropkick from Ricochet that sends Lashley to the outside.

Ricochet hits a tope to Lashley, then gets back in the ring and hits one to Rollins on the other side. Ricochet throws Rollins back into the ring and climbs to the top rope but out comes Buddy Murphy, who pushes Ricochet onto the floor!

AOP come down as well and they attack Lashley. Kevin Owens comes out to make the save and Murphy meets him on the stage but gets superkicked.  Erik comes from behind and attacks AOP, while Owens runs to the ring and helps out. Erik and Owens grab steel chairs and hit AOP with them on the outside of the ring. It’s chaos as we head to the break.

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) February 4, 2020

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We return to see Seth and Ricochet down in the ring. Both men get back to their feet and Ricochet unloads some right hands. He runs to the ropes but Lashley drops him. Rollins runs at Lashley  but he too gets caught and hit with a spinebuster. Lashley gets Rollins in the corner and tackles him with shoulders.

Ricochet jumps off the top rope with a crossbody to Lashley, who rolls to the outside. Ricochet with a right hand takes Rollins down, then he gets on the apron and knocks Lashley down. Ricochet springboards into the ring with a flying forearm to take Rollins down. A standing shooting star press by Ricochet earns a near-fall, but then Lashley attacks him from behind.

Lashley goes to throw Ricochet but he lands on his feet, only to get hit with a spinebuster anyway. Lashley drops Rollins face-first onto the mat for a near-fall. All three men are down. Seth gets on the top rope and hits a blockbuster on Lashley but Ricochet breaks the pinfall attempt.

Rollins climbs the top rope but Ricochet hits him from behind. Ricochet climbs the second rope but Lashley knocks him down and hits Seth with a uperplex! Ricochet gets back on the top rope and hits the 450 splash for the win!


Ricochet is the number one contender! He will face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia.

After Ricochet wins, Brock comes down and hits him with an F5. Brock poses with the title to end the show.

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) February 4, 2020

And that’s it for this week’s Raw. I will see you back here on Wednesday night for AEW Dynamite results, but we’ll have loads of content between now and then, so stay tuned to Sports Arenaa News.

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