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Tonight’s show is the go-home RAW before Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia this Thursday. That means the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will be live on the show to talk his upcoming match with Ricochet. Well, Brock is unlikely to do any talking, but he likely to get into it with The One and Only, and Ricochet is likely to come out standing tall tonight, because he certainly won’t on Thursday.
Randy Orton will also be on Raw tonight, and WWE.com is teasing that he will have a new target in mind. That’s a little odd considering he didn’t target Matt Hardy, but more of Orton’s pure evil antics is welcome on any show I watch.
And finally, Becky Lynch will be in the same building as Shayna Baszler. The Raw women’s division is in a weird spot right now because there’s still two months to WrestleMania but we’ve already got our feud and it’s super unclear how WWE will fill that gap. Will Lynch even compete between now and then?
The other confirmed segments for tonight are a rematch between Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo, and a rematch between Erick Rowan and Aleister Black. Just in case you didn’t see Raw last week. And there will probably be another segment in which Seth Rollins and his cohorts get attacked or attack Kevin Owens and his new tag team pals, the Street Profits.
And that’s the preview for tonight’s Raw. You can stay up-to-date right here, by downloading our Ringside News app, or by following us on Instagram or Twitter. Enjoy the show!


Monday Night RAW opens with a look back at Randy Orton’s recent attacks on both Edge and Matt Hardy.
It’s time for the FINAL #Raw before #WWESSD… LIVE on @USA_Network! pic.twitter.com/XX1Mtcf0zA

— WWE (@WWE) February 25, 2020

The show in Winnipeg opens with The Viper, Randy Orton slowly coming to the ring to boos. Orton says he needs to apologise. He says it’s no secret that he’s not the most sentimental but lately his emotions have become unbalanced. He says that this morning it has been fifteen years since RAW has been to Winnipeg, back when he was 24 years old. He did a little research and found that, on that episode of RAW, he was the Intercontinental Champion. And he was punched in the face by a certain man; a man that he would eventually look up to and love like a brother. His name was Adam, but we know him better as Edge.

Orton says that, if Edge were in the arena tonight, he’s sure…the fans chant “We Want Edge!” and Orton says Edge can’t be here because of what he did. And nobody will understand why he did what he did, but he’s truly sorry for it.

Canada’s-own Kevin Owens comes to the ring. Owens says that, for the past few months, he’s been dealing with some delusional people. But for tonight he will put those issues aside to deal with Randy. He says he heard Orton’s speech and how he’s sorry, but he doesn’t believe it. He tells Orton to drop the act and admit why he did it. Matt Hardy came out and confronted him and all he got was a vicious beating, twice. So now he’s out asking it.

.@FightOwensFight thought, maybe, just maybe, he’d get in the ring with @EdgeRatedR one day after #RoyalRumble

Then @RandyOrton happened. #Raw pic.twitter.com/39LnzWOmgY

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) February 25, 2020

Orton says “you don’t want to go down that road.” To which KO says he really does. He says that he remembers what it felt like watching Edge retire. At that time he was already wrestling on the indies, and he was so disappointed to watch Edge retire. Knowing he’d never share the ring with him. But then Edge came back at the Royal Rumble, he was watching backstage and he was a fan again. To see the look in Edge’s eyes when he got what he loved back. But Randy took it all away, so he needs to know why?

Randy says “you think you know me?” He says Edge thought he knew him too. Kevin says he’s right, he doesn’t know him. What he does know however, is that the people are sick of hearing them talk, so why don’t they fight. Randy asks if he wants to fight tonight in Winnipeg? Well he’s on but not right now. Orton drops the mic and leaves.

Charly Caruso is backstage and she interviews Angel Garza and Zelina Vega. Caruso asks what unfinished business they have with Carrillo, and Vega says that he’s just a necessary chore. They have to take out the trash. She says there is family you would be proud of and some you’d rather get rid of, and Angel Garza will be kicking Carrillo to the curb tonight. And when that’s done, there will be not to stop the Lothario from reaching the top of the mountain.

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The match gets underway and they lock-up and go right to the ground and get caught in a super unique hold upside down and slap each other. Carrillo takes a wrist lock but Garza grabs the bottom rope and rolls from the ring.

Garza gets back inside and Carrillo grabs him in a headlock. Carrillo is shot-off and avoids a few moves. Garza hits a springboard hurricanrana but Carrillo lands on his feet. Humberto dropkicks Garza from the ring, then hits a big suicide dive.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see Garza rip his pants off before hitting Humberto with an inverted suplex. Garza takes the arm but Carrillo flips out and takes him down. Carrillo comes back with a springboard arm drag that sends Garza out of the ring. Garza avoids a baseball slide and Carrillo does a handstand on the apron, so Garza superkicks him!

Garza pushes him in the ring for a near-fall. Garza gets on the apron, but Carrillo kicks him in the face. Garza ducks a dive and superkicks him right back. They then drop each other out with kicks on the apron. The crowd are really getting into this one. Carrillo gets Angel up and kicks him on the apron. Carrillo goes for a catapult into the ring post, but Garza lands on the turnbuckle. Garza knocks Carrillo off the apron and hits an Asai moonsault to the floor! Both men are down as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Humberto hits a running Spanish Fly for a near-fall. Carrillo climbs the ropes but Vega gets on the apron and causes a distraction. Garza climbs up with Carrillo and hits a top-rope Spanish Fly for a near-fall.

“This is awesome” from the fans. Carrillo drops Garza with an enziguiri and falls onto him for a two-count. They exchange some quick pinfall attempts until Garza scores the win!


We get a video package for the developing feud between Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler.

Ricochet makes his entrance. He’ll be in action after the break.

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The match begins and Luke kicks Ricochet down. He puts the number one contender in the corner and whips him but Ricochet leaps over Gallows and hits a dropkick that knocks him from the ring. Ricochet follows-up with a tope to the floor.

Ricochet gets Gallows back in the ring and hits a springboard but Gallows knocks him out of mid-air. Gallows puts Ricochet in the corner and clubs him with right hands – we see Paul Heyman watching on a monitor backstage. Gallows hits Ricochet with a backbreaker for a two-count.

Gallows continues his assault by drilling Ricochet with elbows, followed by a sleeper hold. Ricochet fights to his feet and drops Gallows with an enziguiri. Ricochet hits a springboard crossbody and a running shooting star press for a near-fall.

Gallows drops Ricochet with a boot, then lifts him up but the one and only climbs down and hits the recoil. Ricochet goes up top and hits a shooting star press for the win!


After the break, Brock Lesnar will be live on Raw.

*Commercial Break*

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson are walking backstage and arguing. AJ tells tehm to stop. He says if by some miracle Ricochet can beat Brock Lesnar this week, then he can have a shot at WrestleMania. The O.C. will plant their flag atop the mountain. Aleister Black walks past and they stop him. Styles says that Black thinks he owns the place after winning a few matches, but they’re The O.C. Anderson and Gallows attack Black and AJ throws him into a door. They walk off and we watch Black climb to his feet and stumble

Paul Heyman and the WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, come to the ring. Heyman introduces them and the Winnipeg crowd are fired-up for The Beast. Heyman says that all other people in WWE run around trying to think up gimmicks, nicknames, and catchphrases to get themselves over but Brock Lesnar doesn’t need any of that. Brock is himself and he has been the dominant force in WWE since 2003.

Heyman says that Brock doesn’t get in the ring all that often. It’s a special event. And this week he steps in there with Ricochet and he owes him a receipt. But the stakes have never been higher than Super ShowDown. Heyman says you might be asking why, and it’s a good question, even for Candians. Well, because, if Ricochet somehow pulls off a miracle and beats Brock Lesnar, then Ricochet goes on to main event WrestleMania and defend the WWE Championship against Ricochet.

But that’s a big if, because if his aunt had balls she’d be his uncle. What’s actually going to happen is that Brock takes Ricochet to Suplex City, F5’s him, and go on to WrestleMania. Heyman says he’s only ever gotten one spoiler wrong in seven or eight years, but this is his latest: Brock Lesnar will beat Ricochet at Super ShowDown, then go to WrestleMania and take Drew McIntyre to Suplex City and be your WWE Champion, then, now, and forever.

We see Aleister Black stumbling around backstage. He’s going to face Erick Rowan as scheduled.

*Commercial Break*


The match gets underway and Rowan throws Black to the corner. Black ducks and delivers a few hits but Rowan shoves him back and knees him. Rowan punches and kicks Black on the mat.

Black suckers Rowan into flying over the ropes to the apron, where Aleister kicks him off. Rowan swipes Black’s feet and pulls him to the floor. Erick throws Black into the timekeeper’s area. The referee asks Black if he can continue and he says he can.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Rowan is still in charge of Black but Aleister delivers a stiff kick on the apron, before booting Rowan in the face a few times. Rowan hits a snapmare but Black rolls through, only to be hit with a modified sidewalk slam.

Rowan lifts Black but gets rolled-up for a two-count. Black elbows Rowan back and hits a running forearm, followed by a series of strikes that drop the big man. Black hits a dropkick and flips to his feet for a springboard moonsault. Black knee’s Rowan back and hits a running switch knee for a near-fall.

Rowan counters Black to hit a jackknife for a near-fall. Rowan catches Black with a lariat for another two-count. Rowan tosses Black from the ring and slams him into the barricade, then again. Black rests against the steps with the bird box and Rowan runs at him but misses and knocks the bird box flying!

Black gets back in the ring but Rowan drags him right back out and pounds him on the floor. Rowan lifts Black up and powerbombs him into the ring post. Rowan sends black into the ring and goes to check on the bird box. Rowan runs back into the ring at the count of 9 but gets hit with a Black Mass! A second Black Mass finishes Rowan off!


Aleister Black walks up the ramp after the match and he gets interviewed on the stage. Black says he got through that match thanks to unbridled rage. And next week his rage will be AJ Styles’ burden to bear.

*Commercial Break*

Drew McIntyre has a sit down interview with Charly Caruso. McIntyre talks about coming into WWE in 2009 and being anointed by Vince McMahon as a future World Champion. How many World Titles has he won since then? None. We see clips during his interview. McIntyre says he got lost in his head and was really down when he was in 3MB. When he was released, that created a huge chip on his shoulder. That really pissed him off.

McIntyre made his return at NXT and wanted to show what he could do. Now two years on the main roster after watching Brock Lesnar run through all competitors in the Royal Rumble, McIntyre’s singular focus was eliminating Lesnar and winning the match. He says that at WrestleMania his potential will be realised.

R-Truth is in the ring for Truth TV. Bobby Lashley and Lana make their entrance, they’ll be interviewed by Truth after the break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back with Truth Lashley and Lana for Truth TV. R-Truth says he has so many questions to ask them but Lana cuts him off and says they’re not here for his stupid talk show. She says R-Truth has a scheduled match with her Bobby. Lana says Rusev Day is cancelled after hte fans started chanting for it. R-Truth says Lashley is really, really big, and he would rather ask questions than have a match with him. R-Truth asks if they’ve seen Sonic the Hedgehog so Lana shouts to ring the bell.


The match begins and R-Truth asks Bobby to let him take off his entrance gear. Lashley blindsides R-Truth before whipping him hard into the corner. Lashley hits a reverse STO, then knocks R-Truth out of the ring.

R-Truth gets back in the ring and punches Lashley before hitting some John Cena shoulder blocks. R-Truth hits a back suplex before connecting with a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Truth goes for an Attitude Adjustment, but Lashley slides off. R-Truth hits the ropes, but Lashley spears him hard for the win.


Still to come, the contract signing for the women’s Elimination Chamber match. We see yet another video package for Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back with Asuka, Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, Natalya, with Shayna Baszler nowhere to be seen. Jerry Lawler is moderating and he starts talking but Asuka interrupts. She speaks in Japanese and says she is angry that Shayna Baszler isn’t there. Lawler says she may be running late or perhaps a complete no show. Regardless, he has each woman sign the contract individually. Liv Morgan signs it, then gets in Riott’s face and slams the contract down in front of her.

Shayna Baszler’s music hits, and she comes to the ring through the crowd. Baszler grabs the contract and looks at each woman before signing the contract. Lawler says they’re on their own now and gets out of the ring. Asuka shoves Natalya down and yells at Baszler. Asuka then yells “Bite me.” Asuka and Baszler yell at each other before Natalya takes Asuka down. Morgan then jumps over the table and attacks Riott. A big brawl breaks out, and the production crew clears the ring of the furniture. Baszler gets in the ring and laughs as everyone else clears out.

Becky Lynch comes out and runs into the ring where she and Baszler come to blows. Big takedown from Baszler, followed by ground and pound until they’re pulled apart by officials. They manage to break apart and fight again but are eventually pulled apart.

*Commercial Break*

The Street Profits come to the ring and cut a promo. They call Murphy a smurf and Rollins a pariah. They say they will win the Raw Tag Team Titles this Thursday because they want the smoke.


The match begins and Murphy his a running switch knee before stomping Dawkins down in the corner. Murphy delivers a few kicks and looks for a knee but Angelo avoids it and connects with an uppercut.

Dawkins drops Murphy with a lariat, then another, an a spinning shoulder tackle. After a corner splash, Dawkins gets tossed to the outside and Murphy kicks him through the ropes. Murphy hits the ropes but Dawkins slides back in and hits a spinebuster. He goes for the pin but Rollins slides in and breaks it up.


Ford gets in the ring and he tells the retreating Seth and Murphy not to worry because he knows last week Dawkins hit Murphy so hard he lost his first name. Ford then challenges Rollins to a match and the Messiah agrees.


Seth runs into the ring but Ford ducks a punch and delivers a series of snap jabs, then sends Rollins to the outside. Ford connects with a tope to Seth and Murphy, then runs back into the ring and shakes the ropes like Ultimate Warrior.

*Commercial Break*

We return to find Seth, Murphy and Dawkins arguing at ringside, so the referee ejects Murphy and Dawkins from ringside! Seth gets back in the ring and Ford attacks him, sending him to the outside.

On the floor, Ford connects with a dropkick and puts Rollins back in the ring. Montez climbs the ropes but Seth hits a dropkick. Rolling tosses Ford from the top rope, then punches him on the mat. Seth lands a back suplex and dusts his hands.

Rollins gets Ford on the ropes but the Profit flips the Messiah over the ropes to the floor. Seth gets back inside and Ford rolls him up for a near-fall. Ford attempts a few more quick pinfalls but Seth kicks out. Rollins lifts Ford up for the Buckle Bomb for a near-fall. Seth tosses Ford from the ring, then lifts him up and hits a Buckle Bomb into the barricade!

*Commercial Break*

We return to find Seth in control of Ford. The Messiah talks some trash but Ford drops him with an enziguiri. Ford delivers some big right hands to Rollins but Seth kicks him and looks for another Buckle Bomb but this time Ford counters with a hurricanrana into the corner!

Ford rallies and hits Seth with a crossbody before flipping up and hitting a shooting star press – completely no selling the Buckle Bomb into the barricade. Ford goes to the corner but Seth attacks him and tries to superplex him but Ford fights Seth off and kicks him back. Rollins grabs Ford for a Pedigree but Montez counters with a DDT for a near-fall.

Ford goes up top but again Seth meets him there and throws a few hands. Seth attempts a superplex again but Ford shoves him down. Seth leaps back up but Ford hits a sunset bomb. Ford climbs the ropes once again and leaps for a frog splash but nobody’s home. Seth hits The Stomp and pins for the win.


Next week on Raw, Beth Phoenix will be live to dprovide an update on the health of Edge. It’s main event time, and we see both Randy Orton and Kevin Owens walking backstage.

*Commercial Break*

We get a hype video for the NXT Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley.


The match begins and they lock-up, with Orton forcing Owens to the corner. KO turns the tables and delivers a few big chops, followed by right hands and boots.

Owens throws Orton from the ring and beats him down. Owens puts Orton back in the ring and he scales the ropes but out comes Rollins, Murphy, Akam, and Rezar to distract Owens. Orton hits KO from behind and knocks him from the apron.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Orton whips Owens into the corner but KO comes right back out with a superkick to The Viper. As is customary on Raw these days, The Viking Raiders and Street Profits run down to brawl with Rollins’ disciples. They all fight through the crowd and to the back, meanwhile Orton gets Owens on the top rope and they trade shots until Orton falls.

Owens hits a senton but Rollins is back and he’s on the apron. KO punches Seth off but turns into a lariat from Orton. The Viper puts Kevin on the apron and hits the Draping DDT for the win?


The referee counted to three quickly and Orton looks confused. The fans are upset but it doesn’t seem to have been a mistake.

It appears @RandyOrton just DEFEATED @FightOwensFight on #Raw… 1️⃣-2️⃣-3️⃣ #KOvsRKO pic.twitter.com/WiQOPkkydH

— WWE (@WWE) February 25, 2020

Seth grabs two chairs from the timekeeper’s area and slides them into the ring. Orton looks at the chairs before slowly putting Owens’ head on top of one and grabbing the other. Seth encourages Orton from ringside.

Owens pops-up with the chair and tells Orton to come at him. Instead, Orton drops the chair and leaves. Meanwhile the referee pulls the chair from Owens’ hands. Owens jumps out of the ring and grabs hold of the referee as Seth leaves up the ramp. Owens rips the referee’s shirt and he’s wearing a Seth Rollins shirt underneath! He’s a disciple!

Owens grabs the chair and the referee begs him to stop. Owens drops the chair and instead hits him with a Stunner! Owens then grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up in the ring. Owens powerbombs the crooked ref through the table! KO grabs the chair and sits on it to taunt Rollins as Raw comes to a close.

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