Samoa Joe was thought to have failed a WWE Wellness Policy test. Now we have news to debunk that rumor.
Wrestle Votes said they heard that more suspensions are on the way and there could be something in the Southern California water. Then they posted a picture of a shocked Samoa Joe checking his cell phone.
Conflicting reports immediately came out saying that Samoa Joe was not suspended. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Joe suffered a concussion.
Joe is not suspended. We know this because WWE promoted Kevin Owens, Viking Raiders, and Samoa Joe versus Seth Rollins, AOP and Murphy for Raw next week.
The card is always subject to change. Samoa Joe was advertised for the big eight-man tag team match.
We’ll have to see if WWE does hands down any more WWE Wellness Policy violations. In the meantime we can now be quite certain that Samoa Joe not suspended.

By Bablu

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