5 Major changes that will happen if Goldberg becomes the WWE Universal Champion again 

Anyone who was watching Goldberg dominate the WCW roster back in 1998 would probably be amazed to know that he is in the title picture 22 years later. Goldberg goes up against The Fiend for the Universal Championship in Saudi Arabia.
Sure, from the looks of it, it does seem like The Fiend has got this one in the bag. There’s no way that Vince McMahon has built up The Fiend to be this dominant monster only to have Goldberg squash him.
If it’s impossible to bet against Goldberg if you consider how he’s been booked for most of his active wrestling career. This is a man who’s in supreme physical shape even now and is probably more ‘over’, than most performers in the current roster.
So, what would change if Goldberg were to win the title at WWE Super ShowDown 2020?

5. Part-time Champion on the Blue brand

“If it was not for Heyman, my comeback would not have happened.”

“I trust him exponentially with my career.”

– Goldberg on #BrokenSkullSessions

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— Danny Hart (@DannyBaratheon) December 16, 2019

There is no way that Goldberg will go on the road full-time as a member of the active SmackDown roster defending his Championship in every town and Live Event as the reigning and defending Universal Champion. And even though The Fiend does not appear on every single episode of SmackDown, he is still a very integral component of the full-time SmackDown roster. Unfortunately, if Goldberg becomes the Universal Champion, we will have two part-timers with the two top championships in the company (because Brock Lesnar is likely to defeat Ricochet).

While this is not necessarily the worst thing in the world, considering that a part-time Champion just makes every appearance seems special, it would entirely transform the dynamics of the blue brand. It would be interesting to see how often Goldberg appears and how often he competes, especially if you consider that even Bray Wyatt only competes on pay-per-view.

4. The duration of Universal Championship matches would go down significantly 

Goldberg got into the wrestling business without the right kind of training and he never learned the ropes, like many other superstars. Even at the peak of his career, Goldberg matches would be short and sweet to conceal the fact that the man was still green in the ring, something he has himself confessed to.

Many years have passed and with all due respect to a man I’ve grown up watching and idolizing, he is still not exactly Kurt Angle when the bell rings. But the sheer appeal of Goldberg, a man who can vanquish his opponents in a matter of seconds is something that fans gravitate towards, to this very day.

So, if Goldberg were to become the next Universal Champion, I honestly think that WWE will not expose his shortcomings by having the Universal Championship matches that he’s a part of, go on too long. Whether it’s a match against Roman Reigns or Dolph Ziggler, it will be over in a matter of seconds.

3. Much of The Fiend’s mystique would be lost at once

WWE has done a very commendable job in repackaging Bray Wyatt as The Fiend, and whether or not WWE Creative deserves the credit (maybe all of it has come from Bray Wyatt’s own creative mind), one has to admit that the company has done a splendid job in protecting him. I would go so far as to say that The Fiend has been protected in as good a manner as Goldberg was in WCW.
While The Fiend hasn’t really embarked on a ‘streak’ of sorts, what makes his reign unique is the fact that he’s able to take a lot of punishment and still kick out before 3! But then, if he were to be pinned by Goldberg, a lot of his appeal would be diminished and a lot of the effort that WWE has put in to build The Fiend would be in vain.
It would be akin to Charlotte Flair pinning Asuka to take away any sort of momentum that she once had, relegating her to the mid-card.

2. The Universal Championship design would have to change

— nodaysoff FRED ROSSER III (@realfredrosser) December 10, 2019

Did you know that Fred Rosser, whom you may know as Darren Young from his time in WWE as a part of The Nexus and The Prime Time Players is good friends with Bray Wyatt and even wrote an article about meeting the man? If you didn’t, just click on the link in the Tweet that I have shared. It’s a very unique perspective into the genius who has transformed himself over the past year and become one of the most compelling characters in WWE history.

The Fiend has his own custom Universal Championship and it would be really weird if Goldberg were to keep the design with the Fiend’s face on it. If Goldberg is to become the Champion at WWE Super ShowDown, I have a feeling that the company will go back to the blue Universal Championship design.

1. The WWE Universe will automatically make him a heel 

Even though the audience loves and respects Goldberg and everything that he has accomplished through the course of his career for over 2 decades, the modern fan is very opinionated about what he or she likes. And even though Goldberg is technically a babyface and The Fiend is a heel, I have a feeling that if Goldberg were to become the new Universal Champion, the audience would subsequently turn on him.
And this turn may not necessarily happen in Saudi Arabia, where the audience is a lot more starved for WWE action, but fans could become very vocal indeed when SmackDown returns to the United States of America. The Fiend may not necessarily be a babyface, but he’s got his own loyal contingent who are devoted to following buzzards.

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