Happy Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t heard it enough already then SmackDown will certainly remind us that today is the holiday of love. Otis has his big date with Mandy Rose tonight.
The Golden Goddess also revealed a sultry photo shoot. Click here for those Valentine’s Day photos.
Hulk Hogan will be on tonight’s show. We’re not sure what he’ll say.
The Miz and John Morrison will team up against Roman Reigns and a mystery partner. Let’s see who The Big Dog chooses to be on his side.
Tonight could be a very special night for Carmella as well. She will have a match against Bayley with the SmackDown Women’s Title on the line.

A Moment Of Bliss

Bliss and Nikki Cross came out and they talked up Valentine’s Day. Cross asked Bliss about celebrity crushes. She teased whether she should say it then Cross said it was Brad Pitt, Alexa joked about it being exactly who she was going to say. That was a big joke about how Bliss is dating Ryan Cabrera now.
They brought out Carmella and congratulated her on her win last week. They said it was surprising because Mella hasn’t done much lately. Mella loves surprises and then she said she’ll surprise Bayley tonight.
Bliss brought up Carmella’s former friendship with Bayley. They showed pictures and brought up their social media beef. Carmella blamed Bayley’s turn on Sasha Banks.
Then Bayley came out. She got boos and called the fans sheep. She said it’s not about Banks, it’s about Mella. She said ever since NXT she pitied Carmella. She said they were friends, but not best friends. She wanted to be a role model and a leader. She called Mella a loser and said that she’s the most dominate Women’s Champion you’ve ever seen.
Bayley brought up a match that happened over a year ago when she beat both Cross and Bliss. Then Carmella had enough of it and they had the match right away instead of waiting for later.

Bayley vs Carmella – SmackDown Women’s Title

Carmella started out hot and took Bayley down with a few shoulder tackles and clotheslines. She got a two count and then took Bayley down with an armbar.
Bayley walked out to the apron while in the arm submission and got free by coming back through the ropes. Then Bayley took control. She slapped Mella and yelled “you gotta step up.”
Mella landed some dropkicks and got a two count. Then Bayley took Mella down with a hard shot. Bayley pinned, Mella twice in a row, but she kicked out.
Bayley kicked Mella down in the corner and then clubbed the back of her neck. Mella pulled Bayley off the ropes, and then Bayley hit a back suplex before climbing up to the top.
Bayley missed a cross body block and then Mella took Bayley outside and landed a suicide dive. She put Bayley back in and landed a cross body off the top for a two count.
Then Bayley face planted Mella onto the announce table. They went to commercial as Graves said that Carmella is hurt.
When we got back, Bayley had Mella in a headlock. Mella hit a jawjacker and got free then she went on the offensive and got fired up.
Mella moonwalked and landed the bronco buster. She went for the superkick, but Bayley ducked behind the ref. Bayley hit her, but Carmella fought back. Then Carmella landed three stiff running forearms. She ran into a Bayley To Belly and kicked out at two.
Bayley missed a running knee and Mella put Bayley on the apron. Then Bayley went to the top, but Mella stopped her. Mella landed a kick and climbed up with Bayley before throwing her down with a hurricanrana and a two count.
Bayley kicked out of a roll-up and then a sliding pin. They were working hard. Finally, Mella landed a Superkick, but Bayley rolled out of the ring. Mella was frustrated and she went out after her.
Bayley launched Mella into the ring post and then they returned to the ring. Mella missed a Superkick and then locked int he Code Of Silence. This was close and the crowd was hot. Bayley got out and they were bummed.
Bayley rolled Mella up and used her foot on the ropes to get the win.

Winner: Bayley

After the match, Bayley attacked Carmella. Then Naomi came out to get in Bayley’s face. Carmella pushed Bayley into The Glow and she stomped Bayley down. Naomi landed a Rear View and Mella hit a Superkick to leave Bayley laid out on the floor, but she’s still the champ.
Bayley was shown backstage. Kayla Braxton walked up and asked her about a rematch. Bayley said her victory wasn’t controversial. She’s the role model. She said she’s defending her title at Super ShowDown.


Otis was backstage brushing his beard. He got a text from Mandy and replied with a bunch of emojis. Then Tucky showed up and he asked “am I crazy to think that Mandy could like me?” Tucky said if Mandy deserves him then she’ll love all he has to offer. Then Otis kissed Tucky’s forehead and said “tonight’s the night big brother.”

Sheamus vs Apollo Crews & Shorty G – Handicap Match

They tried to rush Sheamus and pummeled on him before the match started. Then Sheamus took some shots from Shorty G in the corner and some kicks then Apollo took the tag.
They tagged in Shorty and Sheamus hit a axhandle takedown to G and then he stomped on him. He smacked him down and you could feel the crowd’s energy was way down from the Bayley vs Carmella match.
Sheamus beat Shorty G down and then G fought back before Shorty went for an ankle lock. Apollo took the tag and Sheamus was put outside. Apollo hit a moonsault off the apron. Then Shorty G hit a missile dropkick. Apollo hit a standing shooting star for a two count.
Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on Shorty G that sent him outside. Then he took Apollo out with a Brogue Kick.

Winner: Sheamus

Carmella was shown backstage. She wasn’t happy about Bayley cheating to win. She wants a rematch. She said WWE and Fox needs to name the time and place and she’ll be there.

Hulk Hogan Interview

Hogan was via satellite. He was hyping how strong the nWo is. He said that they’re taking it to another level 4 Life. Then Michael Cole asked him about Goldberg and if he has a shot against The Fiend. Hogan said he’s already been everywhere people will be going. He knows Goldberg and he knows The Fiend (apparently). He doesn’t know what will happen. He said that Fiend needs to beware of Goldberg.
Then the Firefly Fun House took over.
Bray Wyatt came in playing his belt like Hogan and he tore his shirt off and posed. Then he said “Hey Hulkster!” he’s been eating his vitamins and saying his prayers. Now he’s champion 4 life.
Huskus The Pig Boy showed up and he ate some chocolate. Bray said he hopes it’s not “too sweet.” Hogan said Bray’s got jokes, but Goldberg’s no joke. Good luck. Bray said he doesn’t need luck because he’s got a Fiend. Then he brought up a picture of Hogan with his eyes crossed out suggesting that he add him to his wall of victims.
Hogan got pissed and left after saying “I’ll see you in Tampa at the Hall Of Fame, brother.”

Cesaro & Sami Zayn

These two were in the ring. Sami had a ukulele and Sami welcomed everyone to their protest concert. They are unhappy about how Braun Strowman treated them.
Then he played a protest song. Cesaro had a cowbell because we need more cowbell.
Before they could get going, Elias came out and he got a good pop by strumming his guitar. He said that Sami is trying to make a name through Elias.
He said that WWE stands for Walk With Elias. It was a huge reaction. Sami told him to shut his mouth. Elias said he’s staging a counter protest right now.
Sami and Cesaro had some security and they let Elias in the ring. He said a lot of this song has to do with Elias and Elias said he’s interested. Then they started playing a terrible song as Cesaro gave it way too much cowbell.
The crowd chanted “Walk With Elias” to the tune of 7 Nation Army. Elias said he likes that song more. Sami told Cesaro he needed less cowbell and he got boos. The crowd chanted: “we want cowbell” and it was loud.
Then Cesaro shushed everyone before throwing the cowbell down to get heat… BRILLIANT.
The crowd continued to chant for Elias and they drowned out Sami’s playing. He never sang anything. He said if the crowd doesn’t shut up then the concert is over. They wanted them to leave and so did Elias.
Sami said the only joke around here are the local sports stars’ numbers hanging from the rafters. Then Elias attacked Cesaro and Sami avoided contact by using a mic stand.
Braun Strowman came out next and barreled over the security. Then Strowman chased Sami up the ramp. A security guard distracted Braun and he ended up in the ring with Elias and Braun where they threw him onto the other security guards.
They showed Naomi backstage and she wasn’t happy about Bayley and her mess. She said what happened to Mella tonight wasn’t fair. She wants a title shot because Bayley has never defeated her. She knows the Glow is real and she’s the next champion. Then she left.

Mandy Rose & Otis’ Date

Otis showed up in a cut-off tux and some flowers. He was super awkward as Mandy sat at the table. Then Dolph Ziggler showed up instead.
Otis walked around the corner and saw Dolph with Mandy. He dropped his flowers and was very sad. Then he left.

The Miz & Morrison vs Roman Reigns & ???

The Miz and Morrison took a shot at the fact that the Usos can’t go to Canada. It doesn’t matter if Jimmy was found not guilty for a DUI apparently.
Roman Reigns’ partner was Daniel Bryan.
King Corbin showed up with a ticket in hand. He might have been fined and banned, but he showed up to watch the main event.
These four had a decent match and the crowd was very much behind them. Daniel Bryan took control over Morrison and kicked him around the ring. They climbed up top and he sent Morrison flying with a hurricanrana.
Then Morrison took control. Roman walked over to check on Bryan who was right in front of Corbin. Miz jumped on Roman on the distraction and then Morrison hit a nice corkscrew dive on everyone.
When we came back from commercial, Corbin was applauding the heels as they continued to maintain control over Daniel Bryan.
The Miz took the tag after Morrison landed a running knee. Bryan launched Morrison over the top and Miz sent Bryan to the apron. Bryan climbed up top and then Miz crotched him before climbing up too.
Bryan blocked the superplex. He slid down and started to crawl toward Roman, but Morrison got the tag and knocked Roman off the apron. Morrison picked Bryan up and slammed him down before hitting a shining wizard for a two count.
Morrison climbed to the top and he missed a big flipping splash. Daniel Bryan crawled toward the corner and he tagged in Roman who took out The Miz with multiple clothesline and a punch.
Roman hit clothesline in the corner on Miz followed by a big boot. Roman geared up for the Superman Punch, but he missed. Morrison took the tag and kicked Roman for a two count. King Corbin wasn’t pleased.
Morrison hit a shining wizard on Reigns for another two count. Morrison went to climb up, but Roman grabbed him and rolled him up for a two count. Then he caught Morrison in mid-air with a Superman Punch.
Roman went for a spear, but Morrison hit a boot. Miz got the tag and hit a Skull Crushing Finale, but Bryan broke up the pin. Bryan hit a suicide dive on Morrison, but Miz intercepted his second dive attempt with a knee to Bryan’s face.
The Miz mocked Bryan with yes fingers, but Roman landed a Superman Punch on Miz and then he hit a spear for the win.

Winners: Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan

After the match, King Corbin hit Reigns in the back of the neck with his scepter.

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