‘Was nervous, didn’t know whether I’d see the ball or not’ - Sachin Tendulkar on facing Ellyse Perry

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Sachin had announced that he would be facing 2019 Women’s Cricketer of the Year Ellyse Perry for an over on Sunday.
Sachin Tendulkar returned to bat for the first time in nearly six years on Sunday. The historic moment took place during Sunday’s Big Appeal double-header, when the India legend came out to face Women’s Cricketer of the Year Ellyse Perry for an over in the charity match during the innings break. Starting right where he had left the sport, Tendulkar comfortably glanced his first ball towards the square leg fence for a boundary.
Speaking after the match, Tendulkar, who retired from cricket in 2013, and last played in an exhibition match for MCC in 2014, admitted he was nervous before coming out to bat.
“I was more nervous than she was” – Sachin Tendulkar did his bit for the #BigAppeal today, facing Aussies Ellyse Perry & Annabel Sutherland. You can still donate at https://t.co/HgP8Vhnk9s pic.twitter.com/6bLWPSJ5Lh

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“I think I was more nervous than (Perry) because I was not sure whether I was going to see the ball or not. I told her that after last evening’s net, I did one throwdown session and I said, ‘I can see the ball but I cannot guarantee whether the ball is going to hit the bat’, at least I could see the ball and spend some time in the middle,” he said.

The former Indian international added that cricket requires a lot of time being spent on the nets. “It doesn’t come so easily. One has to spend hours on end (in the nets).”

He added that he returned to bat against the doctor’s advice only for the cause, that was to raise money for Australia bushfire relief. “Today in fact I’ve gone against the doctor’s advice because we thought if I could get out there and play an over, we’d be able to generate some money and that was the understanding so I’m here for that causea dn think we’ve been able to generate a decent amount,” he said.

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