Post WrestleMania Plans of WWE

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WrestleMania is most awaited PPV in the WWE. Every superstar in WWE wants there Wrestlemania moment of there own.
Every one seeks to see whats next after WrestleMania. WWE always plans everything prior the shows. So, they have plans what’s next after WrestleMania 36.
We previously reported that the conclusion of the WWE Title match is already in place. Following Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre’s Mania match the winner will be WWE Champion, and they will need a new challenger.
Wrestling News reports that WWE is already preparing for Seth Rollins to move into a #1 contender slot for the WWE Title by Summer.

There are already plans in place for McIntyre’s post-Mania feuds and Seth Rollins is one the names planned for the summer.

Seth Rollins is currently the Monday Night Messiah. Apparently, he’ll be keeping that top role on RAW until it can find him back in the WWE Title picture.

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