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Jerry Lawler is on RAW commentary every week. That keeps him away from The Fiend and it’s probably better that way.
During the Jerry Lawler Show podcast, the WWE Hall Of Famer discussed his little altercation with Bray Wyatt. The King took some abuse from Bray, but he didn’t take a bump in the process.
WWE won’t approve Jerry Lawler for any real contact on television. They don’t want to run the risk of him having another heart issue live on television. That didn’t keep Wyatt from apparently approaching The King and saying that he’d love to lock up with him in Memphis.
“And you know, after we did the little thing a while back on Monday Night Raw (August 2019), before I was back doing commentary. I just came on for a guest appearance. Bray Wyatt came to me afterwards and he said ‘King I would love to work with you down in Memphis.’”
Jerry Lawler still works shows in the Memphis area and where ever else he wants to take a booking. It’s doubtful that WWE would let their WWE Champion go work an indie show. It’s also not likely that WWE will change their mind about Jerry Lawler not wrestling. So, this is a dream match that will probably never happen.

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