AEW only holds four pay-per-views a year. This is very different from WWE, but All Elite Wrestling said from the beginning that they want to make pay-per-views worth fans’ money.
While speaking to TV Insider, Jon Moxley discussed the differences between AEW and WWE. All Elite Wrestling is able to offer higher quality pro wrestling with fewer big events. On the other hand, WWE holds monthly pay-per-views and specials effectively flooding the market place. That doesn’t even count the multiple hours of programming they put on television each week.
“It’s what it’s supposed to be,” Moxley stated. “That’s pro wrestling. That’s the kind of wrestling I enjoyed as a kid. That’s the thing. The difference for us is we don’t have to have 37 pay-per-views a year and 600 network specials every year. We have Dynamite every week but four or five pay-per-views a year. We can keep those high-quality, big matches for those. A big fight feel. I think some of that has been missing over the last few years when you have to rush through stories and car crash stuff and give away so much on TV.”

“The gratifying part for me is that it’s so much easier. You don’t have to over complicate things. The story is simple. You have professionals who know what they are doing, veteran guys. Sometimes you can take risks and try something out. Maybe it works or doesn’t. It’s always great to be willing to do that. The lack of 30 writers buzzing around with all this weird f—‘in energy is the biggest difference. Instead of a 10-minute sports entertainment segment, at AEW I don’t have anyone bugging me with 40-page script to memorize or drilled to me how it’s supposed to be done. It’s very stress-free when you just let guys do their jobs. It’s easier when you have more in command of the rudder of the ship. Better than having the wind blowing in 50 f—-‘in directions.”

Jon Moxley is set to battle Chris Jericho for the AEW World Title on February 27th. This is a big spot on one of AEW’s rare pay-per-view events. There will likely be plenty more opportunities for Mox to perform on a big AEW stage, but they will only come around four times a year.

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