Baron Corbin could have a dream match against a returning legend

King Corbin has a legion of haters who either hate his character or despise the fact that WWE pushes him so hard.
Whether it’s real heat or the undesirable X-Pac heat, Corbin is a well-liked figure backstage who has the support of the powers that be.
In what may surely be a dream match for Corbin but not for the fans, The King of the Ring winner could be in line for a massive angle with Edge somewhere down the line.
The latest edition of Sportskeeda’s Dropkick DiSKussions podcast was as stacked as always with Tom Colohue and Korey Gunz breaking down all the biggest stories in pro wrestling.
Edge’s return was one of the hottest topics of discussion, during which, Tom revealed that the company would want Baron Corbin to have a program with Edge as the former NXT Superstar is one of the safest workers in the company.
Corbin provided a good account of his risk-free in-ring skills during a spot with Edge from the Royal Rumble match. Even staunch detractors of Corbin would love what he did to Edge during the spot in question.

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