5 Reasons why Drew McIntyre eliminated Brock Lesnar & won WWE Royal Rumble 2020

It did seem from all of the sources on the internet that Roman Reigns would be the winner of the Royal Rumble match this year, and yet we had a shocking new man standing tall. Drew McIntyre is heading to WrestleMania 36 for a huge title match.
Why was he chosen ahead of Reigns and a returning Edge, you rightfully ask? While I claim to have no inside sources, I am going to try my best to answer the question in the best manner that I can.
Be sure to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about everything that transpired. I’m sure that you are reeling in much the same manner that I am at this very moment.
So, with that said, here are 5 reasons why Drew McIntyre first eliminated Brock Lesnar and then went on to win the Royal Rumble.

#5 Readymade feud for WrestleMania

— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020

A lot of people were upset at the fact that Brock Lesnar pretty much took out everyone for the duration that he was in the ring. And then in came McIntyre, the Scottish Psychopath that he is, and just eliminated Lesnar like a Champion. The world was stunned when it happened, and now Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre seems like a really big-ticket match for WrestleMania.

I mean McIntyre has not announced who he is going to face at WrestleMania yet, but we can run with the assumption that it is going to be Lesnar and not The Fiend, based on the fact that there is a readymade feud in place already. There were graphics doing the rounds not long ago, advertising a face-off between these two behemoths and it’s finally become a reality!

Plus, it’s a believable contest because of how the two men size up!

#4 Exactly the kind of guy Vince McMahon is known to like


Nobody on the planet deserves this more than him. Im proud to call him my friend, but you can just call him #MrRoyalRumble @DMcIntyreWWE pic.twitter.com/KQ6Umx5Gmu

— Jonathan Carpenter (@jaydeeLR) January 27, 2020

One can make the argument that stars like Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles wouldn’t have made it in the golden era of WWE back when the roster was bigger. However, Drew McIntyre is an anomaly in the sense that he would have been quite a legitimate star even in the past!

He is exactly the kind of Superstar that WWE is known to like and push because he fits the prototype of a classic WWE Superstar. Add the fact that he’s a natural in the ring and a beast on the microphone and you have the perfect mix, I think!

I mean how many other Superstars do you see stride into the ring with the kind of confidence that Drew McIntyre has, and dwarf Brock Lesnar like he is just another guy in the roster? What makes McIntyre special is not merely his size but also his intensity and his passion that comes across in every promo he cuts, and he lives what he preaches in actual life!

#3 Having Roman Reigns win would have made fans upset


— Gary Cassidy (@consciousgary) January 27, 2020

 WWE already made a questionable choice by having Charlotte Flair win the women’s Royal Rumble instead of creating a brand new star. Had Roman Reigns won the men’s Royal Rumble, there would have been a riot and an uprising from fans, and they certainly wouldn’t have liked it at all, honestly.

And the best part is that on SmackDown, Roman Reigns can still go on to face The Fiend, now that his feud with King Corbin seems to be over and done. There is enough time and more until WrestleMania to build the feud and The Fiend will certainly be on for a lot more shows than The Beast Incarnate is, I’m guessing.

I mean there’s always the possibility that Drew McIntyre will go on to face The Fiend at WrestleMania. However, I think that’s a very unlikely scenario and the match with Brock Lesnar seems extremely likely right now.

Also, as amazing as Edge is, I don’t think he’s ready to be slotted back into the title picture just about yet.

#2 A definite year-long build to the top of the roster

Rt and Like if your happy Drew McIntyre won the Royal Rumble pic.twitter.com/Caxo9ckUCw

— KB 👼 (@elitetweets20) January 27, 2020

Thus far, we’ve touched upon the fact that Drew McIntyre has all the ingredients to be a star, but WWE too must be praised because they’ve made him seem like a star, especially in recent weeks. I realize that he was a heel back when he was allied with Shane McMahon, but that pushed him right to the top of the food chain, in a sense. And then, he kept running through enhancement talent and finally, had a great showing against AJ Styles and Randy Orton.

Coming into the match, Drew McIntyre was one of the favorites to win, and this is because everyone pretty much saw the signs. I mean you had AJ Styles and Randy Orton tasked with the job of making him look strong and neither man is really a small deal. These are two former World Champions, who are pretty much guaranteed to go into the WWE Hall of Fame down the line, in my personal opinion.

WWE did their best to make McIntyre look absolutely formidable!

#1 Perfect chance to turn him completely babyface & make him the face of the company

Even though Drew McIntyre is more babyface than heel at this point in time, one tends to remember him first as Dolph Ziggler’s henchman and later Shane McMahon’s muscle, for a good while! But when he goes up against Brock Lesnar, WWE has the opportunity to make him a pure babyface.

It’s been a really long time since WWE has had a male babyface who could also become the face of the company and the darling of the WWE Universe. The crowd remains divided in their opinion of Roman Reigns, and while Daniel Bryan is certainly a beloved Superstar, one cannot call him the face of the company yet.

In this instance, there’s a guy who has the physical attributes of Roman Reigns and is perhaps even better in the ring and on the microphone than the Big Dog is. Vince McMahon realizes this and knows there’s a chance for the torch to be passed.

Should McIntyre defeat Lesnar at WrestleMania, dear reader? 

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