WWE News: The Fiend Bray Wyatt New Title Full Details l Seth Rollins Future Plans as Heel l Matt Hardy’s Future in WWE???

Update regarding The Fiend Bray Wyatt’s new Universal Championship belt.

Bray Wyatt revealed a new-look Universal Championship belt in the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown. A day later, WWE released it on its shop for a whopping $6,499.99, which, according to Dave Meltzer, is an experiment by the company.

As expected, a lot has been said about the price of the custom handcrafted belt. Dave Meltzer suggested that the company believes people will buy it regardless of the price and even if they don’t, it will serve as a lesson to them.

The reason for the belt’s high price is the fact that it was handcrafted and hand-painted by the renowned Tom Savini Studios. According to the product details listed on WWE’s website, the mask in the belt is “made of a latex skin and acrylic eyes that capture the intense stare of ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt.”

The belt will also have a Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by Tom Savini and is guaranteed to be a unique collector’s item due to the sculpting process that ensures no two titles are the same.

Backstage News On Matt Hardy’s WWE Contract Status.

On this past Monday’s RAW, Matt Hardy made a return to WWE TV, losing in a match to Buddy Murphy. Matt had been out of regular in-ring action after Jeff Hardy went down with a knee injury after WrestleMania 35.

It was previously reported that Hardy’s WWE contract was ending in March of 2020, PWInsider is now reporting it’ll end in February of 2020 and the biggest point of contention is how Hardy will be used creatively, going forward.

The two sides are said to be not far apart on the financial aspects of the deal, but Hardy wants to make sure he’s in the right place and used properly as this could be the final deal of his wrestling career. The report also noted Matt has been very thankful to WWE for bringing both himself and Jeff back to the company since WrestleMania 33.

Over the last few weeks, Hardy has put out his Free the Delete series on his YouTube channel. If WWE and Matt can’t come to an agreement, he’ll likely use this series as a jump off to returning to his “Broken” Matt persona that was a huge success outside of WWE.

Major Update On Plans For Seth Rollins Heel Turn.

On last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins put the entire red brand roster on blast and showcased the characteristics of a heel. However, while all the signs point toward Rollins being a bad guy going forward, WWE might have other plans in mind.

According to Sportskeeda‘s Tom Colohue, word backstage is that WWE plans to use him as a tweener who oscillates between roles depending on which superstar he’s feuding with at the time.

“That we may see Seth be a heel in one feud, and a face in another feud, much like Roman Reigns has been. Like he was a heel against AJ Styles and then he was a face against Seth Rollins for a brief time and back after he beat Triple H at WrestleMania 32. So I wouldn’t call it a full-fledged heel turn but there are certainly a lot of heel elements and Seth himself is definitely playing up to it including with the way he has been challenging CM Punk.”

Rollins hasn’t been popular among the WWE Universe in recent months, so continuing to work as a face doesn’t make sense. However, WWE has shown in the past that some superstars, such as Reigns and John Cena, can occupy a unique middle ground as they polarize audiences.

Rollins is set to feud with Kevin Owens, which might be the reason why he’s showing heel traits at the moment. Owens became a babyface earlier this year, and the company looks set to push him as a top superstar on Monday Night Raw.

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