WWE Summer Slam 2023 Full Results, Winners And Highlights

The WWE Summer Slam 2023 Premium Live Event opens up with a video package narrated by Celebrity WWE Hall of Famer Kid Rock. We’re now live from Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan as the pyro goes off and Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves.

Here The WWE Summer Slam 2023 Full Results

– Logan Paul defeated Ricochet via pinfall. At the closing moments of the match, Logan Paul hit a springboard Frogsplash on Ricochet for a close 2 count. Ricochet fights back and hits a Detonation Kick. Ricochet flies off the top again but Paul kicks out.

Ricochet says it’s over but the 630 can’t get the win. They fight and Paul kicks out to cut Ricochet’s rally off. Paul goes down again and his arm is hanging out of the ring. A man, who was in Paul’s entourage, sneaks over and places brass knuckles on Paul’s fist. Paul ends up decking Ricochet for the pin to win.

After the match, Logan Paul stands tall as the music hits. Logan Paul now taunts Samantha Irvin from the apron. Paul talks some trash and poses, then makes his exit.

– We see how Sheamus just pulled up to the arena in a WWE monster truck. Butch and Ridge Holland were waiting for him.

– We get a video package for Brock Lesnar vs. Cody Rhodes III.

– Cody Rhodes defeated Brock Lesnar via pinfall. At the closing moments of the match, Brock Lesnar hits the German suplex but the turnbuckle is exposed. Cody grabs half of the steel ring steps but Lesnar goes out and kicks them into Cody. Cody fights back and sends Lesnar into the ring post. Cody goes on and hits Lesnar with half of the steps.

Cody brings it back in and hits a Disaster Kick and a big Cody Cutter as fans pop. Lesnar hangs in there. Lesnar struggles on one knee now but Cody flies off the top with a big Cody Cutter. Lesnar still kicks out at 2. Cody yells out and goes for Cross Rhodes but Lesnar counters and takes Cody down into the Kimura Lock. Cody finally gets the bottom rope and the hold is broken.

Lesnar and Rhodes both get up to their feet. Cody blocks the F5 and sends Lesnar into the exposed turnbuckle. Cody takes Lesnar down into his own move, the Kimura. Lesnar screams out as Cody tightens the hold. Lesnar finally manages to break the hold by slamming Cody into the mat. Cody grabs Lesnar now. Cody blocks the F5 and hits two straight Cross Rhodes. Cody keeps Lesnar held in position for the move, then drops Lesnar with a third straight Cross Rhodes for the pin to win.

After the match, Cody stands tall to a big pop as the music hits. Cody stares down at Brock now. Brock gets up and they both look ready for a fight. They bump foreheads, then Lesnar offers his hand. Cody shakes it as fans go wild. Lesnar raises Cody’s arm in victory, turning him to each side of the crowd. Lesnar exits as Cody hits the corner to pose. Cody goes out and greets his mother at ringside, then greets a few fans and signs a few autographs on the way to the back.

– We get a promo for WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia. We see fans at a SummerSlam Watch Party at Dave & Buster’s in Philadelphia.

– LA Knight defeated WWE United States Champion Austin Theory, AJ Styles, LA Knight, Sheamus, Butch, Ridge Holland, Matt Riddle, Chad Gable, Otis, Santos Escobar, Shinsuke Nakamura, The Miz, Grayson Waller, Karrion Kross, Tommaso Ciampa, Cameron Grimes, Ivar, Erik, Ludwig Kaiser, Giovanni Vinci, JD McDonagh, Apollo Crews, Rick Boogs, Omos to win 25-Man SummerSlam Battle Royal. 

After the match, fans pop big as LA Knight stands tall. The music hits and LA Knight continues posing for the crowd and celebrating the win.

Order of elimination: Apollo Crews, JD McDonagh, Rick Boogs, Otis, Ivar, Erik, Shinsuke Nakamura, Tommaso Ciampa, Cameron Grimes, Austin Theory, Santos Escobar, Giovanni Vinci, Ludwig Kaiser, Ridge Holland, Butch, Matt Riddle, Omos, The Miz, Grayson Waller, Karrion Kross, Chad Gable, Bronson Reed, and AJ Styles.

– Shayna Baszler defeated Ronda Rousey in MMA rules match. At the closing moments of the match, Baszler got hurt and two medics come in to check. But Rousey tosses the medics away but the referee holds her back. Shayna gets up and tells Rousey to bring it. They go at it and Rousey is tossed.

Rousey fights out of the Kirifuda Clutch and goes into the arm bar. Shayna turns it into the ankle lock. They get back up and tangle some more. Shayna with the Kirifuda Clutch again and this time Rousey can’t break it. Baszler bites her own glove to keep the hold locked. Rousey passes out in the hold for the finish.

After the match, the music hits as Baszler poses in the corner. Cole shows fans at the SummerSlam Watch Party in Cologne, Germany now. Rousey looks on as Baszler continues celebrating.

– Mike Rome announces 59,194 fans in attendance.

– GUNTHER defeated Drew McIntyre via pinfall and successfully retained his WWE Intercontinental Championship. At the closing moments of the match, Drew goes for the Claymore Kick but GUNTHER drops down and then dropkicks him into the corner. Drew blocks a powerbomb and hits one of his own. Drew with a Future Shock DDT for 2. Drew again goes for the Claymore but GUNTHER rolls to the floor. 

Drew runs the ring and hits a big dive to the floor for a pop. Drew brings it back into the ring for a Claymore but GUNTHER dropkicks him instead. GUNTHER with a powerbomb for 2. GUNTHER then goes up top and hits a flying splash for a close 2 count. GUNTHER is frustrated now as he slaps and punches Drew around. Drew blocks a chop and hits one of his own. They end up trading big chops for a few minutes, lots of chops here. 

Drew goes on to hit a big Claymore but GUNTHER kicks out at 2. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Drew takes GUNTHER to the top and chops him a few times. Drew climbs up for a Gutwrench superplex but GUNTHER hangs on and fights back. 

Drew unloads with slaps while GUNTHER unloads with chops. Drew looks to hit the move but GUNTHER knocks him to the top rope, crotching him. Drew falls to the mat and GUNTHER immediately hits the flying splash. GUNTHER then quickly follows up with a lariat, then the powerbomb in the middle of the ring for the pin to win and retain.

After the match, GUNTHER stands tall as the music hits. Drew McIntyre marches straight to the back with his head down as GUNTHER poses with the title.

– Seth Rollins defeated Finn Balor via pinfall and successfully retained his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. At the closing moments of the match, Rollins goes up for a Frogsplash but Balor kicks out at 2. Then Rollins goes for pedigree and pin but Balor kicks out again. 

Damian Priest ends up coming down with his Money In the Bank briefcase. Balor rolls a distracted Rollins up for 2. They tangle and Rollins cradles Balor for 2, but Balor kicks out and sends Rollins into a big right by Priest at the ropes. Balor hits a Pedigree but Rollins kicks out, shocking Balor and Priest.

Priest is seen waving at someone. WWE NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio and WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley come through the crowd now, hitting the apron to have words with the referee. Priest offers his briefcase to Balor… for a cash in or for a weapon? He says come on we can do this but Balor is not interested. They argue and Rollins ends up dropping Balor and hitting a Stomp for 2. Rollins is shocked at the kick out.

Rollins goes up top and leaps to the floor to take out Priest. Dominik comes over but Rollins superkicks him. Rollins comes back in but Balor hits a Slingblade, then the corner dropkick. Balor goes up top and hits Coup de Grace but Rollins kicks out at 2 and everyone is shocked as the crowd goes wild.

Balor is upset now as Priest, Mysterio and Ripley regroup at ringside. Balor signs to Priest, then, Priest slides his briefcase into the ring, then runs to the other side to argue with the referee on the apron. Balor crawls to the briefcase but Rollins jumps up and nails a big Stomp into the briefcase for the pin to win and retain.

After the match, Priest and Rollins stare each other down as the music hits. Rollins grabs the title and begins celebrating as we go to replays. Rollins makes his exit now as Balor looks over at Priest.

– We go backstage to Alpha Academy promoting Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Mike’s drinkers are known as Mike… but The Miz walks in and he doesn’t like this. Miz has words with Alpha Academy but gets knocked down.

– Bianca Belair defeated Asuka and Charlotte Flair via pinfall and became the new WWE Women’s Champion. At the closing moments of the match, Flair launched Belair to the floor and she hit her knee on the steel steps. Officials came to ringside to check on Belair while Flair and Asuka kept going at it in the ring.

Flair ended up getting Asuka in the Figure Four. She bridged into the Figure Eight, but Belair ran back down and went to the top, hitting a big 450 Splash on Flair while she held the bridge. Flair still kicked out at 2. The match went on until Flair trapped Belair in the Figure Four, then the Figure Eight. Asuka slid in and sprayed her mist in Flair’s face. Asuka goes over to kick Belair while she’s still tangled up in the submission, but Belair ducks and rolls Asuka up for the pin to win the title.

After the match, Belair celebrates with the title. IYO SKY’s music suddenly hits to a big pop. SKY runs out with Bayley, who has the Money In the Bank briefcase. Bayley leads the way and drops Asuka and Flair at ringside with briefcase shots. They hit the ring and Belair tries to fight Bayley but she gets dropped. SKY decks Belair and goes up top while the cash-in is made official.

– IYO SKY defeated Bianca Belair and became the new WWE Women’s Champion. After the match, SKY and Bayley celebrate as the music hits. SKY celebrates with the title to a big pop. The injured Dakota Kai hits the ring to join in on the celebration now as Damage CTRL reunites.

– Roman Reigns defeated Jey Uso via pinfall in Tribal Combat match. At the closing moments of the match, Jimmy Uso appeared and took out his twin brother Jey Uso. Then, Reigns hits a spear to Jey through the table and pinned for victory.

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