WWE Monday Night Raw Full Results (July 17th, 2023)

Tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw is live from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Kevin Patrick welcomes us, and says the arena is sold out tonight. He’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves. They hype tonight’s show. 

Here The WWE Monday Night Raw Full Results

– Tonight’s WWE Raw opened with Cody Rhodes making his way to the ring to pyro and a hometown pop. Rhodes plays to the crowd as more pyro explodes on the stage. Rhodes now greets fans on his way to the ring as Samantha Irvin does the introduction.

Patrick says Rhodes has friends and family in the crowd tonight. He hits the ring to pose as more pyro goes off. The music stops and fans chant “Cody!” now. A “Welcome home!” chant also starts up before Rhodes asks his hometown what they want to talk about. He says we don’t have to talk because there’s this large shadow looming over this sold out arena. We’re talking about Brock Lesnar. Fans boo. 

Cody Rhodes says Lesnar does bring it when he shows up, so Lesnar should come out right now and accept the Summer Slam challenge. Rhodes calls Lesnar out to a pop but Lesnar isn’t showing up. Graves and Rhodes both say Lesnar is here tonight. Rhodes goes on about how no matter what time Lesnar shows up, he will be in the ring waiting… 9pm, 10pm, or the end of the show. Fans chant “Cody!” now.

Cody gets emotional when pointing out how his mother Michelle is in the front row. He goes on about his mother being a fighter and fans applaud her. Cody says his relationship with Lesnar has been complex. The only two words he can think of to sum it up are… Hard Times. But when Lesnar shows up tonight, it won’t be hard times for Rhodes, it will be hard times for Lesnar. Cody with one more warning to Lesnar. He tells everyone to enjoy Raw as the music hits. Cody goes to ringside to hug his mother. 

But Brock Lesnar’s music starts up and he prepares for a fight. There is no Lesnar. Cody heads to the back but stops when Lesnar’s music starts back up. There is no Lesnar. Cody rushes to the back but it sounds like he’s immediately hit with a steel chair. The chair flies out onto the stage now as Lesnar beats Cody around. 

Brock Lesnar uses the chair and destroys Cody towards the ring, sending him into the edge of the apron. Lesnar brings Cody over to his family, and stares his mother down before slamming him with a big F5. Lesnar then applies the Kimura Lock on the floor. Lesnar stares Cody’s mother down as others at ringside yell at him.

Fans chant “you suck!” as Lesnar brings Cody into the ring and drops him into the Kimura again. Lesnar lets up and gets back to his feet as fans boo. Lesnar yells at Cody and says challenge accepted, I’ll see you at SummerSlam, bitch. Lesnar exits the ring and heads to the stage, stopping to look over and smirk at Cody’s family.

– We see what Brock Lesnar just did to Cody Rhodes. During the commercial, Lesnar came back into the ring and hit Rhodes with one more steel chair shot to keep him down.

– GUNTHER defeated Matt Riddle via pinfall. After the match, GUNTHER stands tall and exits the ring. He now stands on the announce table. Fans boo now as GUNTHER takes the mic. He says the boos won’t change the fact that this is the best night of your pathetic lives because you came to see the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time. GUNTHER says Riddle is done, GUNTHER is building his legacy. He says Drew McIntyre can try to ride his coat-tails if he wants, but he will fall to The Ring General like everyone else.

– Jackie Redmond at backstage with Undisputed WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez to discuss tonight’s title defense. WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley shows up and dismisses Redmond. Raquel and Rhea have words, then Liv goes to talk about how they’re not afraid of Ripley, but Ripley drops her with a headbutt. Ripley and Rodriguez brawl now as officials try to keep them apart. Ripley kicks Raquel in the knee. A doctor is called to look at the knee now.

– We go back to the ring and out comes The Judgment Day – Finn Balor, Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio and WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley. Ripley says they are stronger than ever. She laughs at the idea they’d ever break up. Ripley goes on about how she is the most dominant woman in WWE. She says Priest and Balor will become world champions, and tomorrow Dominik will become WWE NXT North American Champion.

Dominik goes to speak but the boos drown him out. Priest touts his Money In the Bank briefcase and shows that he and Finn are on the same page. Finn says he will be listening to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins later tonight, but their issues will not be over until the title is around Balor’s waist. Dominik goes to speak again but the boos pick up and now the music hits as Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn come to the stage.

Sami polls fans on who paid to hear Dominik speak or who wants to see him get beat up. Priest says they’ve been focusing on singles titles, but he sees a set of titles that will look good in The Judgment Day. Owens has looked to be really annoyed since coming out. Priest challenges them to put the titles on the line. Fans chant “yes!” now. Sami asks Owens to respond. Owens snaps a bit and says he doesn’t care as long as he gets to hit a Stunner on Dominik and kick Priest’s face in.

– We see what happened earlier with Rhea Ripley attacking Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez. The champs are in the trainer’s room with Adam Pearce now. The trainer says Raquel is technically cleared but to be safe he’d like to do some scans. Raquel argues and says this is what happened to Liv last time. Pearce ends up agreeing to sanction the match. Raquel stands up and the champs head out.

– Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green defeated Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez via pinfall and became the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. After the match, a shocked Deville and Green take the titles and begin celebrations. The new champs now pose on the ramp as the pyro goes off. Liv and Raquel are sitting against the ring on the floor while a medic checks on Rodriguez.

– The announcers go over what happened with Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes, then confirm their Summer Slam match.

– Byron Saxton at backstage with Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green now. He says they essentially had a 2-on-1 advantage but Deville doesn’t want to hear about Raquel Rodriguez and her fake injury. Deville goes on about how she and Green have been a top tag team since they got together. Green keeps trying to give her thank-yous to various people, including the worker at the salon. Deville says they are going to run this division and everyone better respect them.

– The announcers show us what happened with Jey Uso on SmackDown. They plug this week’s SmackDown airing on FS1.

– We go backstage to Byron Saxton and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins for a sitdown interview. Rollins says he has big plans for his title with Summer Slam right around the corner.

Rollins says the title deserves a marquee match at the biggest party of the summer. He says there’s a short list of challengers… Finn Balor walks in and sits down, dismissing Saxton. Balor wants the match and doesn’t care about the other contenders. He says they both know the line starts and ends with Balor. Balor brings up their issues and tells Rollins to talk with Adam Pearce and get the match made.

Rollins says he understands where Balor is coming from, but Balor needs to stop living in the past because time moves forward. Balor says he’s not living in the past, he’s living in chaos, and that’s where he’s taking the title. Balor says he will do to Rollins what Rollins did to him – hurt him, laugh in his face, take his career and alter it forever. Rollins says the title is more than Balor’s personal vendetta, bigger than both of them, but if Balor just wants to settle the score, they can fight now, they don’t need a match.

Rollins says take your shot or get out of his face. Balor nods and smiles. Cool, they both say. Balor stands up and knocks the chair away. Rollins stays seated and shakes his head. Rollins talks to the producers about finishing up but Balor suddenly runs back in and attacks him. Balor lays Rollins out and tells him to make the match.

– The Viking Raiders defeated The Alpha Academy via pinfall in Viking Rules match. After the match, The Vikings stand tall. Valhalla, Erik and Ivar pose on the ship now.

– Shayna Baszler defeated Nikki Cross via submission in a quick match. After the match, Ronda Rousey appears up in a VIP box and she has a mic. Fans begin booing her. Rousey goes on about how Baszler said she waltzed through the back door to WWE. She goes on about some of her accomplishments, and says she was thrown to the wolves. 

Rousey says she’s the greatest fighter there is, while Baszler is just a knock-off of her. Baszler talks some trash back and calls Rousey to the ring for a fight as fans cheer. Rousey refuses, so Baszler goes into the crowd but she’s stopped by security. Rousey says she will do something for Baszler that Baszler could never do herself – get her booked on SummerSlam. Rousey says she will see Baszler in the Motor City, bitch.

– We see what happened last week with Logan Paul and Ricochet. Jackie Redmond at backstage with Ricochet now. Ricochet talks some trash and says Paul is a joke. He challenges Paul to come to next week’s RAW to meet him in the ring. Ricochet says he will hit Paul where is hurts – his ego.

– Becky Lynch is walking at backstage

– The Miz is in the ring for another must see episode of MizTV. He declares that he is back. Miz brags about beating Tommaso Ciampa last week, then goes on about how big of a star he is, and how he’s been golfing with celebrities, including Pat McAfee, who he insults.

Miz says unlike him, tonight’s guest is on a downward spiral. He introduces Becky Lynch and out she comes to a pop. Miz brings up Lynch’s recent losses and asks if she’s lost a step. Lynch snaps. She tosses furniture and holds Miz against the ropes. Lynch says she’s lost a lot this past year and been through a lot, but she has not lost a step. Lynch says she knows how this stupid show works, that there are other guests to be brought out, so Miz better bring them out before he loses his tiny testicles.

Miz says Lynch spoiled the show and her actions were a bit much, but here comes Zoey Stark and WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. Lynch demands a rematch. Stratus says no because she’s already won, and so has Stark. Stratus goes on and says actually they are done with Lynch, she and Stark are moving on.

The two sides have more words on the mic. Stratus agrees to a match with Lynch but first Lynch has to beat Stark. Lynch says done. Stratus says when Stark defeats Lynch, Lynch must get on her knees and thank Trish. Lynch says done. The third stipulation is… when Lynch loses, she must get “Thank You Trish!” tattooed across her chest.

Becky Lynch agrees without hesitating, done. Lynch ends up tossing her mic. Stratus and Stark do the same as they attack Lynch. Lynch fights them off and pulls the protective mask off Trish’s face, then decks her in the face. Lynch keeps fighting and headbutts Stark with the mask on. Lynch stands tall to a pop.

– Bronson Reed defeated Shinsuke Nakamura via disqualification after Tommaso Ciampa attacks Reed. After the match, Ciampa nailed a big knee to send Reed to the floor. Fans booed the match result. Nakamura is not happy with what happened. Ciampa tries to explain himself and they have a few words until Nakamura drops Ciampa with a kick in the middle of the ring. Nakamura yells down at Ciampa and walks off.

– Byron Saxton stops Shinsuke Nakamura at backstage to ask him about what just happened. Nakamura says he’s tired of everyone getting involved in his business. Saxton presses him on what happened in the ring. Nakamura repeats what he just said but this time he yells it, then walks off.

– The announcers say Logan Paul has tweeted a response to Ricochet, and he will be at Raw next week to face off in the ring.

– Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens defeated Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio via pinfall and successfully retained their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles. After the match, Owens and Zayn took the titles and celebrates. The Judgment Day regroups as Owens and Zayn embrace in the ring. Monday Night Raw goes off the air with Owens and Zayn celebrating.

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