Watch: What Happened With LA Knight Following His Match On Friday Night SmackDown

On the latest edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, LA Knight suffered another tough loss in United States Championship Invitational fatal four-way match.

The Self-proclaimed Megastar LA Knight participated in the United States Championship Invitational match which included Rey Mysterio, Cameron Grimes and Sheamus. Many fans expected that LA Knight would be victorious in that match but Rey Mysterio picked up the win by pinning Cameron Grimes, which depressed fans.

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet showing LA Knight heartbroken reaction as he failed to capture the United States match opportunity. Throughout the match, the crowd was firmly behind the “YEAH!” movement, but unfortunately, Knight fell short. In the video, the Megastar appears upset while witnessing the Rey Mysterio celebrating his victory.

Interestingly, the company also filmed LA Knight’s reaction even after the loss. The cameraman at ringside diligently followed Knight as he made his way backstage, capturing the raw emotions of the moment.

We are just a few weeks away for Summer Slam 2023 and fans are concerned about the potential involvement of LA Knight in the event. However, recent reports states that WWE has significant plans for LA Knight after the company’s Biggest Party of Summer. Let’s see what WWE stored for fan favorite LA Knight after Summer Slam 2023.

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