WWE Reportedly Planning To Bring Back Bray Wyatt's Old Gimmick

The former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt made his triumphant return to the company after weeks of build-up at the Extreme Rules Premium Live Event and was met with a huge reaction from the fans. But his comeback fallen flat with in the recent times.

According to a recent report from Fight Fans, WWE felt that Bray Wyatt’s new character was not as good as The Fiend following the fans reaction to his match at the Royal Rumble. The issues with the Pitch Black match also left them unhappy.

“WWE wasn’t overly fond of how the Pitch Black match went down and the new Bray Wyatt masked character that debuted at the Royal Rumble, as they felt it wasn’t as good as The Fiend and wouldn’t sell the merchandise etc like The Fiend did.”

This report also noted that WWE had been in talks about Bray Wyatt’s character. While talks had been suspended for a while, they have picked up again in the last two months. Currently, there is no confirmation about The Fiend returning.

“Have been in talks regarding it since after Royal Rumble earlier this year, talks stopped for a while and were picked up again within the last month or two. But as of today – I heard no movement currently on The Fiend making a return.” (H/T: Fight Fans)

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