At WWE Crown Jewel 2022, The Eater of the Worlds Bray Wyatt delivered an impassioned promo to address the WWE Universe at the event, stating that he wants to rewrite the ending to his story. The former Universal Champion Bray Wyatt added that he comes from a “wrestling family” and was always expected to be the best, therefore, he wore a mask and did horrible things.

However, Bray Wyatt was soon interrupted by Uncle Howdy, who warned Bray Wyatt not to take off the mask and to continue hurting people before the segment cut out abruptly. While that was all happen from the former WWE Champion at Crown Jewel live taping and now a Twitter clip showed the current SmackDown star Bray Wyatt walking backstage through fans and greeting some.

Bray Wyatt broke character after his segment. He looks so happy to be back.

— Wrestling News (@WrestlingNewsCo) November 5, 2022

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