WWE Monday Night Raw Full Results (September 5th, 2022)

Tonight's post-Clash at The Castle edition of WWE Monday Night Raw is live from T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Jimmy Smith welcomes us and joined at ringside by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. WWE announced that The All Mighty Bobby Lashley will defend his US Title against The Miz in Steel Cage match.

Here The WWE Monday Night Raw Full Results:

- Tonight's WWE Raw opened with WWE Hall of Famer Edge making his way to the ring. Edge stops at the entrance-way and poses as the pyro explodes. Mike Rome does the introduction as Edge rushes to the ring now. We see how Edge and Rey Mysterio defeated The Judgment Day’s Finn Balor and Damian Priest on Saturday in Cardiff, Wales. We also see how Dominik Mysterio turned on his father and Edge after the match.

Edge takes the mic and says he’s known Dominik since his dad came to WWE, when Dominik was 5 years old. Edge talks about his history with Rey and how he stayed at their family home in San Diego, they spent time together on the beach, just last year Edge talked Dominik down and calmed him before his first match in front of a live audience. He says Dominik always felt like a nephew but evidently Dominik doesn’t feel the same way.

Edge apologizes for the accidental Spear from a few weeks ago. Edge’s gut told him to take care of it but his heart overrode that and told him he didn’t need to worry about Dom. Edge goes on and says he did not come back to get in between Dominik and Rey. He says whatever is between Dominik and Rey, Edge is different and he’s not looking at Dominik like that kid, he’s looking at Dominik like a WWE Superstar. Edge tells Dominik to come to the ring and says they won’t be talking, he’s going to beat Dominik’s ass. The music hits and here comes Rey Mysterio instead.

Rey asks Edge to please hear him out. He knows his son messed up bad but he’s asking for an apology. Rey asks Edge not to do this. Edge says he loves Rey but his son is old enough to drink, old enough to drive, old enough to get in the ring and old enough to stand for his actions. Edge is angrier now as he yells for Dominik to get his ass out here now. The music hits and Rhea Ripley came out now. 

Ripley laughs and tells Edge to calm down because Edge and Rey both got exactly what was coming to them. She says Edge thought he could replace Dominik like he didn’t even matter, and Rey thought he could protect Dominik just because he’s his baby boy, but the fact is Dominik is not Rey’s little boy anymore. Rhea says she saw potential in Dominik and she made him into a man. Dominik comes walking out in all black, with his hair slicked back.

Rey tells his son to snap out of it, he still has time to make things right with Edge. Rhea says Dominik is no longer listening to Rey, Rey can’t keep fighting his battles for him. Rhea says Edge is past his time because he can’t stop his judgment day. Fans chant “who’s your daddy?” now. Rhea and Dominik start walking to the ring now. Rey tells Edge to do what he has to do. Rey exits the ring and faces off with Dominik at ringside, telling him he doesn’t have to do this, and speaking in Spanish to him now. 

Rey tells Dominik don’t do this. Dominik keeps staring ahead to Edge and Rey asks why he can’t even look at him. Some fans chant “Eddie’s son!” now. Rey walks off. Rhea laughs at Edge while Dominik continues staring him down. Balor and Priest rush the ring from behind but Edge fights them off. The numbers game catches up and they double team him but now Edge keeps fighting. Dominik comes in from behind and drops Edge with a chop block. Edge is attacked by Balor and Priest again. 

Rey walks back down the ramp and confronts Dominik and Rhea at ringside. Dominik shoves his father and Rhea hits him from behind. Rhea then launches Rey into the steel ring steps. Priest with a South of Heaven chokeslam to Edge in the middle of the ring. Ripley hands a steel chair to Dominik, and he hands it into the ring to Balor. Balor takes the chair and smashes it into the back of Edge’s knee a few times. Balor now wraps the chair around Edge’s knee and Priest holds it there, while Edge is still face-down. Balor goes to the top and hits a Coup de Grace on Edge’s knee with the chair around it. Rey returns to the ring as The Judgment Day retreats to the floor.

- We got the footage from earlier today of The Miz and Tommaso Ciampa arriving to Raw. Ciampa now has his first name back. Sarah Schreiber asks about tonight and Miz is ready to face WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley in the Steel Cage. Miz won’t talk about Dexter Lumis, and Ciampa accuses Schreiber of stirring up drama. Ciampa says Miz is the real victim here. Miz looks over and sees a car flipped over, and he’s a bit surprised. He and Ciampa continue walking to the venue.

- Fatal 4 Way #1 Contender’s Match: The New Day vs. Alpha Academy vs. Los Lotharios vs. The Street Profits ended in no contest after returning Braun Strowman attacking all competitors in the match.

- Raquel Rodriguez and Aaliyah defeated Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H via pinfall.

- Megan Morant at backstage with Rey Mysterio and asks about where things stand between he and Dominik Mysterio. Rey doesn’t have much to say other than he loves his son and needs to have a word in private with him because as far as he’s concerned with The Judgment Day, they are trying to tear his life apart by separating him from his son, and poisoning his mind. 

Rey says they just took out Edge, who is like family. Rey says one thing is for sure – he will never put hands on his son but no one deserves their asses handed to them as much as The Judgment Day. Rey doesn’t care who it is, he’s challenging either Finn Balor or Damian Priest to a one-on-one match tonight. Rey says they can take their pick at who it is and walks off.

- Austin Theory makes his way to the ring with his Money In the Bank briefcase. Theory takes the mic and says things didn’t go as planned on Saturday but WWE Clash at The Castle was a complete success. He messed this up and called it Crown Jewel, then lashed out at the crowd over the mistake. Fans start with the “What?!” treatment and Theory tells them to shut their mouths. Theory knows everyone wanted to see him fail at his cash-in, but here he is, still the youngest Mr. Money In the Bank in history and that just guarantees he is the future Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Theory says the difference between he and all the fans is that he gets up when knocked down, even if it’s by champion boxer Tyson Fury. Theory says that’s all beside the point because Roman Reigns is still champion. Theory is kind of glad Reigns is still champion because Drew McIntyre embarrassed himself in front of all his family, and that means Theory and Reigns still have unfinished business. Theory fumbles his words again and lashes out at the crowd. He promises to end Reigns’ title reign and become champion soon. The music interrupts and here comes Kevin Owens. 

Owens speaks from the stage and asks what is wrong with Theory’s jaw. Oh yeah, Theory got knocked the hell out. Owens makes a joke about Theory getting “KO’d” and now fans chant “you got KO’d!” at him. Owens jokes that Theory found his first name again. Owens despises arrogant people and delusional people in this business more than anything, and we’ve had both of those in WWE, and Theory certainly won’t be the last we deal with but currently Theory is at the very top of that list. 

Owens goes on about Theory complaining about what Fury did to him and says Fury actually did Theory a favor because if Theory was able to cash in, either Drew or Roman would’ve put him into the ground, and made him lose the opportunity forever. Theory says Owens doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Theory goes on about Owens being jealous and says he hasn’t won a title in years while Theory is climbing the ladder of success and doing things Owens could never do. Theory kind of feels bad for Owens so he says Owens can be the first in line to get a title shot when Theory is champion.

Owens enters the ring now and goes on about how he’s been in the ring with Drew and Roman, and if it wasn’t for interference, he would’ve ended them both. Owens knows the only reason Theory has the briefcase is because Owens wasn’t in the match, because if he was, Owens would’ve destroyed Theory, won the MITB match, then cashed in on Reigns to win. Theory says that’s all fantasy and this is reality, and reality is he’s the hand-picked future while Owens is doing what he can to stay relevant. Owens goes on about how good he is, and says Theory was the hand-picked future but not any longer. Owens predicts a referee will come down and slide into the ring. And the referee does. Owens says enough talking now, let’s fight.

- Kevin Owens defeated Austin Theory via pinfall. After the match, Owens stood tall and plays to the crowd and points at the camera as the referee checks on Theory at ringside. Owens now poses in the corner and yells out about this being The Kevin Owens Show.

- Sarah Schreiber approaches The Miz and Tommaso Ciampa at backstage. Miz is a bit on edge and tells Schreiber he still doesn’t want to talk about you-know-who, Dexter Lumis. Schreiber wants to talk about tonight’s main event. Ciampa says WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley got lucky last week and if it weren’t for outside interference by the name we won’t mention, Miz would’ve won. They issued the Steel Cage challenge not because Miz is scared or worried about keeping out the man whose name we won’t mention, but because Miz will prove he’s better than Lashley one-on-one. 

Miz says he’s overcome constant persecution in his WWE career, and he is the only two-time Grand Slam Champion in company history, so tonight he will go one-on-one without anyone lurking in the shadows, and there will be no escape. Miz goes on and says nothing is going to stop him from climbing over Lashley’s limp body and walking out of the cage as the new United States Champion. Miz and Ciampa talk things over. 

- We see members of the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs at ringside. The announcers send us to a video package on Medal of Honor recipient Sergeant Major Thomas P. Payne.

- Bayley, IYO SKY and Dakota Kai makes their way to the ring. Bayley says hello to the crowd and calls them idiots, then brags about their Clash at The Castle win over Asuka, Alexa Bliss and Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. Kai says if they did what they did to Bliss, Asuka and Belair, then imagine what they can do to the rest of the women’s roster, and they are taking control. SKY speaks in Japanese and says next week they are taking the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. Kai says she was not legal last week so Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah can pretend to be champions for one more week before they take what is rightfully theirs.

Bayley goes on bragging about how she pinned Belair on Saturday in Cardiff, doing something these other idiots couldn’t do the whole time she was gone. Bayley says they did it in one night. The music interrupts and out comes Bianca Belair. She says Bayley may have gotten the better at Clash at The Castle, but she put her pride aside and came to Raw tonight, so if Bayley wants a challenge, she will get one and they can run it back right here tonight.

Bayley says no because it’s Labor Day and she’s not working today, all they’re doing is celebrating the fact that she pinned Belair. Belair says it took the three of them to put her down but if that’s what it takes to make them feel in control, then OK. Belair is in the ring now and says Bayley might have her little minions, but Belair has this… she raises the title in the air to a pop. Belair says unless it’s one-on-one and unless Bayley has the title… then Bayley is in control of nothing. Bayley and her crew surround Belair in the middle of the ring now. They taunt her and then exit the ring without attacking. 

Bayley says she’s already beat Belair and has nothing else to prove. She says Belair is the same old Bianca Belair trying to play Miss Perfect but she knows Belair’s fragile ego can’t handle this one loss, so she came out to try and challenge Bayley to make herself feel like it was a fluke. Bayley says they have bigger and better things to worry about right now, lie her girls winning the tag titles next week but don’t worry because if and when Bayley wants the title, she’s going to get it… one way or the other and back up the ramp while Belair looks on from the ring.

- Sarah Schreiber at backstage with Johnny Gargano and asks about Austin Theory’s comments from last week where he said Gargano needs to be careful when swimming with the sharks around here. Gargano says he’s been swimming with sharks his whole career. He goes on about his success and what he did in WWE NXT, and says Theory may have forgotten what he can do in the ring, but he’s anxious to remind everyone. 

Theory interrupts and taunts Gargano, saying all he’s done since he returned is talk, so much that he might as well be Johnny Talking. Gargano says Theory is 100% correct for once, but before he and Schreiber were rudely interrupted, he was about to announce that he will be making his in-ring return after 9 months away on next Monday Night Raw. He does not announce an opponent. Gargano looks Theory over and asks if he’s OK from what has happened earlier and on Saturday, and says he should be careful when swimming with those sharks.

- Damian Priest defeated Rey Mysterio via pinfall. After the match, Priest stands tall and The Judgment Day comes in and Balor sits in his chair next to Rey while the others stand over Rey. Ripley says now that Priest is done with Rey, there’s just one more man in the way and Dominik is going to send him back into retirement. Ripley says “because what Papi wants, Papi gets”. Ripley says that is why Dominik is going to challenge Edge for next week’s Raw to go one-on-one. The Judgment Day and Dominik stand tall over Rey and taunts him.

- Sarah Schreiber at backstage with WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley, asking him about The Miz saying he will win the title tonight. Lashley says Miz isn’t intelligent, and he’s only asking for the Steel Cage tonight because he thinks it will keep him safe from Dexter Lumis, but in reality Miz will be standing across the ring from the most dangerous man in WWE. Lashley doesn’t know about Miz’s issues with Lumis, but when the cage door closes tonight, the only man Miz needs to be afraid of is The All Mighty.

- A camera catches up with Braun Strowman at backstage but he stops and says he will fill us in on everything we need to know, but for now The Monster of All Monsters is back, and nobody is safe. Strowman says he will see everyone this Friday on SmackDown and walks off.

- We got the video package of Riddle’s post-show backstage comments where he told Sarah Schreiber his emotions did get the best of him, and Seth being the guy he is took full advantage of that to stomp his brains in the canvas, but the one thing he can say for sure is he wants another match with Rollins, and he wants it as soon as possible. 

We also see Schreiber telling Rollins about Riddle wanting a rematch. He admires Riddle’s guts but said the bottom line is he did what he said he’d do when he came to Cardiff, and he got 60,000 fans to sing his song. Rollins said he stomped Riddle’s head into the mat twice and while he admires Riddle’s guts and determination, the rematch is not in the cards because Rollins is moving on to bigger and better things.

 - WWE announced for next week is Edge vs. Dominik Mysterio, Johnny Gargano’s in-ring return, plus Dakota Kai and IYO SKY challenging WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah.

- Bobby Lashley defeated The Miz via pinfall in steel cage match and successfully retained his United States Championship. At the closing moments of the match, The Miz climbs to top of the ladder and climbs down other side but suddenly Dexter Lumis appears from under the ring. Miz shocks and climbs back inside the ring. Miz watches Lumis from the ring and suddenly Lashley hits spear and pins Miz to retain his title.

After the match, Lashley takes his title and celebrates on his way out of the cage. Miz is alone in the cage now and Lumis is on his feet inside the cage. Lumis slowly stalks Miz, who pleads. Miz goes to escape through the door but Lashley shuts it on him. Miz stands up and goes to duck Lumis but Lumis catches him in The Silence submission. Miz starts fading as Lumis takes him down to the mat, and he’s out. Lumis lets go of the submission and starts petting Miz’s head while Miz is knocked out. The post-Clash at The Castle edition of Monday Night Raw goes off the air with Lumis sitting up with Miz’s head on his lap, caressing his hair.

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