Triple H Reveals The Advice Vince McMahon Gave Him Before His WWE Retirement

Vince McMahon shocked the world when he announced his retirement from WWE in July. After his retirement, WWE announced Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan as co-CEOs of the company. Triple H, on the other hand, became the Head of Creative and Executive Vice President of Talent Relations.

"The Game" Triple H recently had an interview with BT Sport and discussed about several topics. While speaking, Triple H stated that Vince McMahon retirement was a tough situation for both of them and also confirmed that Vince is no longer part of any decisions regarding WWE.

"In some manner, I think for both of us, it's a tough situation for him. And I think in some manner, it's even hard for me to picture now that he's not in the equation. And he's not, in any way shape or form, but it's hard to think about that he's not there."

The WWE's Head of Creative Triple H also further revealed the advice given by the former Chairman Vince McMahon. Here what Triple H said:

"There was definitely that moment, definitely giving me advice. But I also think in some manner, most of those advice were centered around like 'this is what you've sitting next to me, learning what to do for like, 25 years or whatever that is, and you got this. Just be confident in your decision making, listen to people, be open to ideas, be collaborative with other people' Things like that, just wonderful advice." (H/T: Sportskeeda Wrestling

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