5 Surprises that could happen on WWE RAW – SmackDown Superstars appear, New member in Seth Rollins’ faction?

WWE RAW has soared to great heights under the leadership of Paul Heyman. And each and every week, we see surprises, something we cannot always say in the Blue brand’s case, at least in recent weeks.
Who would have known that 3 hours of WWE RAW would be more enjoyable than 2 hours of SmackDown thanks to ‘the advocate’? So, with that said, let me present 5 surprises that could potentially happen on this week’s show.
Even if my suggestions seem outrageous and outlandish to you, dear reader, bear in mind that we’ve seen crazier things like Edge returning after being told that he would never wrestle again. They always say that anything can happen in WWE and it is the truth!
So, if one of the following were to happen, I wouldn’t necessarily be surprised.

5. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross disrupt a title match

Go behind the scenes as @AlexaBliss_WWE stars in a @bfsrocks music video about, well, @AlexaBliss_WWE! 🎸 pic.twitter.com/gYoGc7iQIo

— WWE (@WWE) February 7, 2020

So, what we know for sure is that Becky Lynch and Asuka will be battling it out on this week’s episode of RAW, and we know that Lynch cannot afford to lose at this point. But how do you have Asuka not win the second match against Lynch without having her look very week indeed? Maybe all it needs is for Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross to come in and attack Asuka to disrupt proceedings.

We know that the two coffee addicts seem to be next in line for a title shot and Asuka and Kairi Sane need to defend their Championships at the earliest so that their division isn’t completely forgotten. This may be a great way for the feud to kick off and play out on either RAW or SmackDown in the following weeks.

4. Eric Young joins Seth Rollins’ faction 

After sending a stern warning to the #RAW locker room last week, @WWEAleister drills @TheEricYoung with a hard-hitting reminder. pic.twitter.com/vuxySGG8ph

— WWE (@WWE) February 4, 2020

I know that Eric Young wouldn’t exactly be the most exciting name with regard to who you may like to see join Seth Rollins’ faction next. Although if you don’t have a high opinion of the man based on what you’ve seen of him on RAW, I strongly recommend that you download the Impact Plus app and check out his Hall-of-Fame-worthy-career in TNA and also his run as the leader of SAnitY during his time in NXT.

What Paul Heyman has achieved with Seth Rollins’ faction is a device that elevates any heel who joins because Seth Rollins may be the biggest star in the wrestling world right now. The Authors of Pain were languishing in backstage segments and had been misrepresented as a comedy act with Drake Maverick until they joined the Monday Night Messiah’s stable, and Buddy Murphy had lost a feud but still came out looking like the star he is.

Eric Young too can benefit from this alliance. I know that he’s capable of doing a lot more than we get to see from him, every single week.

3. Drew McIntyre attacks Ricochet, Brock Lesnar takes him out too 

So, if you look at the field right now, you have Brock Lesnar at odds with Ricochet, and Drew McIntyre. While it is unlikely, if Ricochet were to dispose of Brock Lesnar during his match in Saudi Arabia, there’s always the chance that Drew McIntyre and Ricochet could battle at WrestleMania (while I have the greatest of respect for both men, it may not necessarily be a main-event-worthy contest).
So Drew McIntyre could attack Ricochet this week to let him know that he will have his eyes peeled on the contest in Saudi Arabia to determine who gets a chance to face the Scotsman at WrestleMania. But then when it seems like Drew McIntyre has the situation well under control, Brock Lesnar could join the fracas and lay the Scottish Psychopath out.
I know that it would be out of character for a babyface to take another babyface out, but I think in this trio, McIntyre is the babyface with the ‘edge’, while Ricochet is the pure babyface. Brock Lesnar is obviously the heel.
And also, ‘The Beast’.

2. Ruby Riott and Lana form an alliance

I’ve watched and watched and watched and watched and watched and watched and watched and watched and watched and watched and watch and watched and watched and watched and watched and watched https://t.co/T8h2yfsjY8

— LIV Morgan (@YaOnlyLivvOnce) February 6, 2020

I know that Ruby Riott is back and Liv Morgan vs. Ruby Riott seems like the course that WWE will be taking in the months that follow. But Lana has far too much heat right now for her just to be eliminated from the picture entirely. I mean there are heels that go for months and years without getting even a fraction of the heat that she has.

And that is why I believe that it may make sense for Ruby Riott and Lana to form a loose alliance on WWE RAW for the time being at least. And if Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross do go on to become the Women’s Tag Team Champions, they will have readymade opponents to take on, which is always a good thing. Ruby Riott and Lana can go from RAW to SmackDown and vice versa based on which brand requires content on the week.

Ruby Riott is fantastic in the ring and Lana is a great heel on the microphone, so it could be a very unique alliance.

1. Riddick Moss pins Mojo Rawley 

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) February 4, 2020

I don’t know how much of a surprise this will be, because anyone who’s in the 24/7 Championship picture eventually ends up betraying someone or the other to proudly own the said championship. I mean Carmella helped R-Truth remain the Champion on more than one occasion but eventually it was her that turned on him to become the new 24/7 Champion.

While Riddick Moss has been portrayed as an ally for Mojo Rawley, we all know that this alliance is going to break very soon indeed, when Moss realizes that he could win the title himself. The only genuine surprise in this scenario is that it could happen this very week.

I liked the 24/7 Championship picture a lot more when there was a sense of frenzy to the proceedings with R-Truth running hither and tither so that he did not get pinned. Mojo has been a ‘fighting’ champion insofar as it is possible in the 24/7 Championship scenario.

For Moss to win the title would be a very big step!

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